Petition requesting Antigen tests and Not PCR for Travel

Petition requesting Antigen tests and Not PCR for Travel

Antigen tests not PCR - Hosbec joins CEHAT in the CHANGE.ORG campaign to promote the reactivation of tourism and request the Government to include antigen tests as a valid test for the detection of COVID-19.  It is possible to do tourism safely and we want to prove it.

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Travellers to Spain from 23rd November will require a Negative PCR test

Antigen tests not PCR

Given the serious economic crisis that the pandemic generated by  COVID19 is causing in the Spanish economy and, especially, in the tourism sector -which contributes 12% of GDP and employs 2.5 million people directly and indirectly- , the signatories of this manifesto -representatives, employers and workers of the different branches of activity that are directly or indirectly related to the tourist activity of this country- would like to address the President of the Government of Spain, Mr. Pedro Sánchez Castejón , to manifest the following:
We understand and share the concern of the health authorities: the first thing is the health control of the pandemic. And we are ready to collaborate in everything possible to overcome this difficult situation as soon as possible.

Antigen tests not PCR

While it is true that without health there is no economy, the statement to the contrary is also true, that is, without economy there is no health, since a person without resources will be more prone to getting sick. We will have to live with COVID-19 for several more months until the vaccine becomes a reality and the process of immunization of society begins. Meanwhile, we must make health protection compatible with the functioning of the economy, if we do not want the economic crisis to reach levels that will make recovery in the medium and long term very difficult.
In our opinion, several branches of activity in the tourism sector have been criminalized, among them the hotel industry, of being a source of contagion, without this statement being sufficiently and healthily accredited. The continuous restrictions on the exercise of the activity by the governmental authorities implemented at the regional level are leading this subsector to a critical situation and difficult survival for many businesses and, with them, for the employment they generate.
Regarding the tourism sector, it has been demonstrated in previous months that, objectively, it is possible to do tourism in safety conditions, using the different services that the industry offers and for which it has been prepared since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Resolution of November 11, 2020 of the General Directorate of Public Health establishes, as the only active infection diagnostic test (PDIA) so that international passengers can enter Spain through ports and airports, the PCR test (RT-PCR for COVID-19). However, the Spanish health authorities have recognized other valid tests such as the rapid antigen test and the antibody test through a serological test.

The reactivation of the Spanish tourism sector involves controlling the health of the tourists we receive, but this must be done with tests that are fast, efficient and economically acceptable. It is necessary to bear in mind that in many parts of Europe the PCR is still a very expensive test and not accessible to the entire population, which can mean a rejection or disincentive to the intention to travel.

Antigen tests not PCR

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The ERTEs, for their part, have been shown to be a positive measure for the protection of employment, but it is necessary to facilitate the gradual reincorporation of workers to the activity to reactivate the economy and not further burden the State accounts. In fact, according to data from Turespaña, 82% of the jobs lost in September corresponded to tourism.
💥For all of the above, the Spanish tourism sector as a whole, represented by business organizations, trade unions, businessmen and women, workers, self-employed workers, etc., requests the President of the Government of Spain not to limit himself to demanding the PCR for international travellers, but also consider conducting cheaper tests that provide reliable results quickly, to facilitate access to all travellers, guarantee safe mobility and tourism and reactivate demand . To this end, the approval by the EU should be speeded up, which would also contribute to the prompt implementation of a homogeneous testing protocol throughout Europe.


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