Police arrest 12 for selling counterfeit goods

National Police and the Prevention and Reaction Unit of Benidorm detained 12 people, ten men and two women, of Spanish , Moroccan and Seneglalese nationalities and seized more than 1,000 counterfeit products in continuing operations against copyright fraud (an offense against industrial property). The authentic items would have had a retail value in official stores of more than 100,000 euros. The operation involved more than 30 agents as well as various other experts.

Story Source - www.diarioinformacion.com, original article written in Spanish and translated to English so some detail may be slightly lost in translation.  The original story can be read HERE

At the beginning of May, agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of Benidorm began an investigation into various people who sold in different markets of the province of Alicante items that were fake but, appeared to be authentic and belonging to recognised official trademarks of recognised prestige at national and international level.

Various investigations were carried out and it was determined that these people could be carrying out the sale of large amounts of counterfeit products as if they were legally registered brands, and at very low prices compared to the originals sold in stores official.

Once information was collated about the specific events that were being carried out, the investigators simultaneously carried out the identification of all the persons allegedly involved and carried out on June 19th a police operation aimed at the detention of all of them and the intervention of all counterfeit merchandise.

More than 1000 fakes

After the intervention of all the effects, the agents accounted for a total of 1,054 counterfeit effects including, clothing, perfumes, footwear, purses, handbags and watches.

They were identical to the original effects, both in the finishes and in the materials used in their manufacture. They lacked the security measures that the authentic ones must present. In addition, all the people who ran positions where they intervened falsified effects, lacked invoices or delivery notes that prove their origin and purchase price, as well as any type of document proving their originality.

In the operation they collaborated with the investigators of the Judicial Police Brigade, agents of the UPR of the Citizen Security Brigade of Benidorm and experts of the brands involved.



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