Police clamp down on the sale of Pornographic products

Please note this news report contains some strong language.

Police coup to the sale of pornography in five shops in Benidorm.

The local police seized about 500 items such as  t-shirts with obscene messages, penis-shaped candy or plastic breasts that were sold in supermarkets and Asian stores.

Source - diarioinformacion.com.  This article has been translated from Spanish so some information may be lost in translation.

T-shirts with obscene messages, penis- shaped candy, lighters with pictures of naked women and plastic breasts are just some of the almost 500 items that have been confiscated by the Local Police of Benidorm in an action against the sale of material of erotic content and pornography in a total of five shops located between Calle Gerona and Avenida Europe.

The action was initiated in response to the complaints of Benidorm's British Businesses Association (BBBA one of the aims of the association is - To promote family values in Benidorm´s tourism.) and dozens of citizens for the exhibition on the street of these objects that are in plain view to the entire world including families with young children.  These shops only have supermarket licences and not licences for the sale of these erotic products.

Lorenzo Martinez (head of Public Safety, Emergencies and Beaches), explained that most of the items that have been confiscated were aimed at the British Tourists, who holiday in this particular area which is know as the *zona guiri (see below)* among the items seized were 380 brightly coloured t-shirts with clearly pornographic text written in English, with messages such as "lick my pussy", "fuck off", "fuck loud and make noise", "Suck my cock" and "I think he's gay", among many others.

The Local Police found that all these items were clearly visible to the public without any consideration for minors,

In addition, none of the establishments had administrative authorization for the sale of said products, which could result in a breach of the Royal Decree that typifies the sale of pornographic material.

Police sources indicated that this incident will now be passed to the Government Sub-delegation to interpose the corresponding penalty and, which in this case, can range from 600 to 30,000 euro fines.

*zona guiri -  a colloquial Spanish name used in Spain applied to foreign tourists, particularly from countries in northern Europe or the Anglosphere. They are strongly associated with beach tourism and commonly stereotyped as blonde with pale skin and often drunk.




0 # Kay Golphin 2018-12-06 23:19
We noticed a lot of rude shall we say vest tops when we were there a couple of weeks ago. Just no need for it to be homest xx
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0 # Adrian Handley 2018-12-06 23:22
I’m not a prude but many of those items did make me feel a little uncomfortable when walking past with children.
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0 # Barbara Mcknight 2018-12-06 23:44
Thank goodness! I'm certainly not a prude, but some of the tops that we saw in October were way over the top.
Let's keep benidorm a place for young and 'older' people. X
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0 # Damian Maxfield 2018-12-06 23:46
Surely dealing with the prolific drug dealing and prostitution/muggers in that area would be of a higher priority but no as long as there’s no plastic penises on sale it’s all good!
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0 # David Roberts 2018-12-07 01:20
I’m glad. Benidorm is a beautiful resort being ruined by a few. The majority of visitors wouldn’t buy this tat, but the few that do are an embarrassment.
Selling such rubbish only encourages them. Would you walk around in it at home? So why do so on holiday?
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