Police control entry points into Benidorm

8th February 

Benidorm was the third highest city to impose fines for non-compliance of the perimeter confinement rules in place between Friday 15.00 until Monday 06.00 with 155 fines issued.

During the first weekend police seemed to be issuing warnings but this weekend fines were handed out.  One cyclist was even silly enough to boast on Facebook about circumnavigating the road closures, he has been identified by the National Police and punished.

The highest city for fines being issued was Alicante itself with 429


Police control entry points into Benidorm 27th January, Local News.  The City Council of Benidorm will implement police controls on the main avenues of access to the city from 15.00 hours this Friday until 06.00 Monday to ensure the perimeter closure of the municipality.

Due to current restrictions  in place entry and exit of Benidorm is only permitted for very justified reasons,  local police and national police will establish controls for the effectiveness of the measure.  You can only enter and leave Benidorm through the avenues of La Vila Joiosa, Juan Pablo II, Beniardá, European Community and Valencian Community.

Police control entry points into Benidorm

Above - Benidorm plan with the points where the controls will be installed.

Outside these five main roads the restriction on mobility affects all other secondary roads of the municipality in which Local Police, National Police and Civil Guard will establish controls at significant points - as in the CV735, tourist road - remaining closed, with concrete bollards.

With this operation, the mobility and transit of citizens is reduced over the next weekend to the municipality of Benidorm, journeys and journeys outside it, to neighbouring towns, rather than for the justified reasons stipulated in Decree 15/2020 of 30st October and to which this measure refers, which specify exceptions: health care, work obligations, return to the place of residence, care for vulnerable people, examinations in universities, actions before public bodies and demonstratable causes of force majeure.

These measures of perimeter closure also apply and under the same conditions on the next two weekends :between 15.00 hours on Friday 5th February and 6.00 hours on Monday 8th, and between 15.00 hours on Friday 12th and 6.00 hours on Monday 15th February when, as of today, this provision would expire.

Police control entry points into Benidorm

Above - One of the police checks at the main accesses to Benidorm, during the first state of alarm. DAVID REVENGA

Citizen Security Councillor Lorenzo Martínez, following coordination meetings with the other police forces, has highlighted "the harmony and collaboration". In addition, it stated that the operation would be similar to the closure that occurred during the first state of alarm, with the aim, he stressed, of "recuing the mobility of entry and exit as ordered by the Generalitat, as well as verifying that the rules on masks and occupants of vehicles are met".

Martinez also appealed to the responsibility of the people to ensure that "everything develops normally".

As happened in last April's operatives, Mayor Toni Pérez has also influenced "the cooperation of the police forces for the preparation of the operation and the involvement of the troops", noting that "Benidorm lasts that mandate of the Generalitat by which this city, having more than 50,000 inhabitants, must be closed perimeterally" activating these measures in a duration "as long as it stipulates this decree and the successive ones that may come".

Pérez stressed that "Benidorm is always loyal" with decisions made from higher administrations, trusting that they are being taken "with the necessary information and in accordance with the health authority and experts".

At the same time, the first edil has also called for "citizen prudence and collaboration" and especially "to responsibility, however important the exit we have to make". "We must all contribute to s stop this situation," the mayor said, sending "a message of hope, because together we can overcome this circumstance."

Finally, Toni Pérez has called for these measures by stressing that "there is nothing more worthwhile than protecting our health, our environment and that of the people we do not know." And these mobility restriction measures at the weekend, the mayor concluded, are on that line.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation, read the original article here in Diarioinformacion


As recorded in Decree 2/2021, of 25 January and signed by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, the same criteria that govern in the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community are established as exceptions. Specifically, they are as follows:

People who prove that they are working during the weekend or holidays and justify the need will be able to enter and leave the 15 locations closed in a perimeter.

Persons who are habitually resident in one of these cities and are away at the time of closing, may return and stay there all weekend or public holiday.

Assistance to health facilities, services and facilities.

Compliance with labour, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations.

Assistance and care to the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable persons.

Displacement to financial and insurance institutions or re-fueling stations in neighbouring territories.

Required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notary bodies.

Because of force majeure or situation of need.

Any other activity of similar nature, duly accredited.

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