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Police dismantle a group selling high end stolen mobile phones in Benidorm

Police dismantle a group selling high end stolen mobile phones in Benidorm

Police dismantle a group selling high end stolen mobile phones in Benidorm

The National Police have dismantled a group in Benidorm supposedly dedicated to massively subtracting high-end mobile phones in the main nightlife areas . As a result of the operation, 74 phones have been recovered and the four alleged members of the group, have been arrested, as reported by the provincial police station.

The research started after a rise in complaints at the Benidorm Police Station of thefts generally from entertainment venues round the town. The modus operandi used was always similar in all the complaints: they took advantage of the carelessness of customers and used a distraction method to lift the mobile phones.

The items lifted were generally always the same, which indicated, according to the police, a operation by the thieves, who only searched inside the bags of high-end mobile users, cash was also stolen if the opportunity arose.

Apparently, the members of the group stole the phones that the victims usually carried in bags or left on tables. Once they obtained the spoils without the owners having noticed, the items were passed onto a third member of the group and taken out of the premises so as not to raise suspicion.

Another member of the group would be in charge of the storage, concealment and custody of the stolen items and placing them for sale in the illicit market.

Investigators managed to identify the four members of the criminal group and it was found that they were traveling from the capital to Benidorm. Then they looked for accommodation in rooms or homes in the area through different applications to avoid registering in hotels or hostels.

Detained In Fraganti

The police located during the early hours of last Saturday two of the alleged perpetrators inside a disco. At that same moment a person who was inside the premises said she had surprised one of them with his hand inside her bag , which caused them to leave hastily moving to another place in the premises.  Another victim told the police that she had been the victim of a theft, where the same people had stolen her cell phone from inside her bag.

The police established a device that allowed the alleged perpetrators to be arrested when they apparently intended to repeat another subtraction maneuver. The policemen surprised them when one of them put his hand in a client’s bag.

Investigators located the house they had rented where the allegedly stolen good were hidden. During the morning of the next day, the agents watched the other two members of the group loaded with four suitcases leave the building.

On inspecting inside the house they verified that there were a multitude of mobile phones from which neither of the two alleged authors could justify their origin, so both were arrested.

With the dismantling of this criminal group, the investigators of the Judicial Police Brigade of the National Police of Benidorm, have managed to recover a total of 74 high-end mobile phones all allegedly stolen.

The detainees, two women and two men, of Spanish and Moroccan nationalities, aged between 19 and 25, have been imprisoned for these events.

Original Story written in Spanish which can be read at www.diarioinformacion.com HERE, some details may be slightly lost in translation. AT this time NO further information is available

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