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PoliFani Expats and Brexit Healthcare

PoliFani Expats and Brexit Healthcare

PoliFani Expats and Brexit Healthcare

PoliFani insurance broker has been in business since 1979 and is very well known and used within the Spanish community, but is still relatively new to the British one.

We are known for our excellent customer service and the quality of the services we provide. As an insurance broker, we have access to over 24 insurance companies and can chose the cover and insurance type that suits our clients best.

Additionally, we are dedicated to helping every one of our clients in a more personal way, from a face- to- face customer service approach, to mediating between the client and the insurance company, which is ideal for non- Spanish speakers.

In 2017, PoliFani decided to open a department dedicated to non-Spanish speakers and incorporate multi-lingual staff and policies to ensure that everyone had access to their services and continuous support, in English.

This year, PoliFani celebrated their 39th anniversary as the leading insurance broker in the Alicante province.

Additionally, PoliFani is also the home of Brexit Health Care, initiated by the International Department in light of concerns over Brexit. Brexit Health Care is dedicated to ensuring that Expats in Spain have access to the right information on becoming a legal resident of Spain, including NIE, residency and healthcare, both public and private.


Health, home, vehicle, business, civil liability, Travel, Mobile Home, Repatriation/Funeral Plans, Pet, Saving, Electric Scooter.

PoliFani have a department dedicated to aiding English Speakers through all the steps in taking out insurance, and once you´re a client we are dedicated to helping you with any claims or issues you may have.

Polifani also have a 24 hour out of hour´s hotline for claims.


If you have any queries regarding accessing healthcare in Spain or need private insurance for a residency application, please get in touch.  Our Brexit Healthcare team are here specifically to ensure that all expats living in Spain are accessing the healthcare in the right way and we also have a fantastic range of private insurance with top companies, to suite everyone´s needs and that meet the requirements for residency applications.

If you need a quote  or more information get in touch  – info@brexithealthcare.com

New  – PoliFani are now able to offer Funeral Plans.


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