Poniente Beach walkways to be restored.

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Poniente Beach walkways to be restored.

Poniente Beach walkways to be restored.

Benidorm will restore 3,700 meters of wooden walkways on the famous Paseo de Poniente  (Poniente promenade).  The City Council invests 48,000 euros to replace 220 meters of deteriorated slats.

Source – www.diarioinformacion.com  Translated from Spanish News article, so some information may be lost in translation.

Only nine years after the first line infrastructure was inaugurated, the slats installed on the sand are badly damaged and some are not even whole. But also those that were repaired only two years ago, are going the same way. So the City is going to restore this area where thousands of people walk or sunbathe.

The Council of Urban Scene are going to undertake this repair work of 3,700 square meters, the slats will be completely replaced in a area of ​​220 square meters, which represents 5% of the total area, and will repair the other 3,500 square meters over time as well as improving the fastenings on the boards.

Photo by David Revenge

The cost of these repairs is 48,400 euros which will come from the remaining budget that has not been spent this year, several other projects will also be included.

The walkway of the Paseo de Poniente which is located on the sand and below it, was designed to serve as a pathway for tourists and residents, it opened in 2009 and was made up of untreated slats and according to the technical report for the works, have suffered “climatic situations” such as extreme temperatures, rain and humidity, which has caused “warping, twisting and deformation” of them, as well as “breaks, splinters or bolt outlets”. Something that “puts in serious danger the security and integrity of the users” who access this area every day and who end up injured by tripping over etc, the technicians describe this as “very worrying the state of it.”  Therefore, the action will be carried out “urgently” and is classified as “emergency works” to avoid precisely situations that “pose a serious danger, according to the report. Therefore, in order to avoid noise during  the summer season,  the work will be carried out between the remaining months of December and January. For now, only the most deteriorated ones will be replaced and the others will then be repaired.

Only one repair in 2016

It is worth remembering that in 2016, the Generalitat Valenciana already carried out a repair of part of this platform, although only on the sections that were more deteriorated but did not repair any more. In addition it placed some slats that did not match the  the existing ones.  So now everything will repaired to be uniform again. The councilman of Beaches, Lorenzo Martinez, explained that “it is a very demanded action” for the “deterioration of the wood”. The mayor said that “with this repair we will also improve the image of one of the most photographed and visited areas of Benidorm”.


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