Reinforcement of security in leisure areas of Benidorm generates five detainees

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Reinforcement of security in leisure areas of Benidorm generates five detainees

The reinforcement of security in leisure areas of Benidorm generates five detainees

The operation coordinated by National Police and Local Police ends with a hundred identifications – 40 Benidorm national and municipal police undertake a joint stop and question “in street” operation.  100 people were spoken to, 5 detained. one for theft, one for fraud, one because he had two arrests warrants on him, and two non EU people detained as they didn’t have papers for living in Spain.

Story translated from Spanish newspaper diarioinformacion.com, read the original HERE

The National Police  and the Local Police of Benidorm have reinforced security in the city of Benidorm by establishing different special operations in the main leisure areas.  These are in aid to prevent drug trafficking,  thefts and robberies of tourists, and to try and avoid brawls during the early morning hours or detect people who may be in an irregular situation in our country or have an arrest warrant in effect, are just some of the objectives of these special security checks.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Lorenzo Martínez, also explained that “all this intervention is the result of a coordination meeting that was held at the police station in Benidorm about three weeks ago” where  the “who was then commissioner, Antonio Selva was present, as well as the chief inspector and other inspectors of the different units that work in the city “as well as the mayor of the area and the Commissioner of the Local Police and the chief of Citizen Security.

In this latest operation, more than 40 agents of the Police Station of Benidorm participated and it was carried out in the different zones at night in the leisure sector (ie the square) during the 24th and 25th of October.

Simultaneously three inspections were carried out in different busy leisure venues to prevent the retail sale of narcotic substances, which resulted in more than 20 acts for possession of this type of substances.

In this operation, more than a hundred people were identified, five of them arrested. Two of the detainees were irregularly in Spain, (meaning without correct papers to stay, meaning non EU), another was arrested for theft, while another was in force two arrest warrants and personification in two different courts. The latter was involved in an investigation by the Judicial Police of Benidorm for a crime of fraud.

Lorenzo Martinez said that the working meeting between the National Police and Local Police “established the protocol” joint action “to develop throughout this winter in order to improve the perception of security” in the area and act in cases such as robberies or drug trafficking. The councilor added that all these actions are part of the “commitment we have adopted with citizens, the hotel sector, tourist accommodation, such as campsites and apartments, and tour operators and we will comply.” With everything pointed out that it is necessary “to emphasize the commitment and the excellent coordination that exists between the security bodies that will achieve the results that we all want”.

Secure Tourism Plan

The General Directorate of the Police is promoting at national level the different aspects that comprise the Safe Tourism Plan. From the different templates of the National Police that make up the province of Alicante are developing different devices contained in this plan to combat in a more effective way against the main crimes suffered by tourists, both with reinforcements of staff in leisure areas, as giving talks and distributing leaflets to alert the tourism sector from the Delegation of Citizen Participation of the Provincial Commissioner of Alicante.


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