A judge issues a restraining order to a group of thieves (Peamen) from the main tourist areas of Benidorm


The restraining order issued by the court represents a new avenue for the fight against the "trile" (peamen) , after a judgment of the Court of Alicante had laid down one of the main legal tools that the City of Benidorm was using to fight it The trileros who disregarded the requirements of the authority to carry out this illegal activity on public roads were taken to court for a crime of disobedience and sentences were being imposed in which they were issued with fines of up to 700 euros and given criminal records . The Audience of Alicante revoked the conviction of one of these trileros when considering that the facts prosecuted did not have sufficient entity to be constitutive of crime and proceeded to its acquittal, in a resolution that marked jurisprudence.

For more than a year, and after only being able to punish them with fines that they never paid by claiming being insolvent, the police begun to denounce these people for an alleged crime of disobedience against the authority, that is, for relapsing in time in the same issue punishable despite warnings and fines imposed. Therefore, the Judgment of the Court closed the door to continue using that route.

The sources consulted by diarioinformacion indicated that in the case of breaching the restraining order, the trileros could be convicted of a crime when breaching this order, in the case of a repeated breach, they could go to prison.

It is not the first time that the courts of Benidorm have resorted to issuing restraining orders to try to avoid the action of other criminals. Last July, another court decreed that a man could not approach the well-known "guiri zone" in Rincon de Loix for eight months to prevent him from offering tourists sexual services and then robbing them of items, a technique he had used on a regular basis.

The restraining orders issued in this instance prevent them from approaching the areas of greatest tourist traffic. The promenade at Levante Beach, the Avenida del Mediterráneo or the Guiri del Rincón (new town) which are the main areas where the trileros are usually found on the hunt for their victims.

Original Story

The group was arrested for being part of an organized gang to rob tourists, mainly elderly people, four of the five detainees were issued restraining orders for allegedly being part of an organized band dedicated to the trile (Pea/Potato game), reports the police station.

National Police kept track of a group of people who were engaged in playing the trile game, (known to most as the Pea/Potato men), mainly with tourists or elderly people, in some of Benidorm´s busiest streets. The way of life of those investigated was allegedly to seize money and items for profit through deception and, in some cases if the potential victims did not agree to play, they proceeded to steal money and/or objects in their possession. The band acted in collusion to always perform the same maneuvers and tricks, obeying a common project aimed at achieving illegal enrichment and in which each of the members performed specific functions in the network.

The victims, generally foreign or elderly people, were interested in the game of the trile made by the members of the group in the street with an improvised game table made with a cardboard box. These were assigned different roles in the criminal group. The one who handled the ball/pea, called "trilero" , those who carried out surveillance work to notify the rest of the police presence "waterboats" and the "hooks" people that simulated betting and winning, thus prompting the victim to do the same. Another member of the group was placed just behind the people playing, to the pickpocket contents of  wallets and bags. If the victim ultimately backed down and decided not to bet, on some occasions the latter easily seized the wallet and fled the place under the protection of the rest of the group members who collaborated to make the most fruitful evasive action, avoiding any reaction from  the victim, who are baffled by the speed of events.

As a result of the investigations carried out, the investigators identified the five members of the organization, who among them had more than 60 police records . The agents established a police device aimed at locating and arresting all of them that culminated earlier this week.

The detainees, three men and two women of Spanish and Austrian nationalities between 32 and 63 years old, were placed at the disposal of the number one Court of Instruction of Benidorm, who issued four of them restraining orders with respect to the main tourist areas of town.

The operation has been carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the National Police of Benidorm.

Security advice

The game is based on sleight of hand: the hand is faster than the sight , the author will keep the winning ball/pea out of sight so that it is impossible to win and the victim irretrievably loses his money. It is frequent in tourist areas, at fairs and markets.

Safety tips on the trile:

In the trile you NEVER WIN.

- The trile is a SCAM.

- Do not approach , do not show your money or belongings near this activity, keep them under control at all times.

More information and videos can be found HERE

- If you recognize the trile game on public roads, call 091.

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