Say goodbye to toll roads in our region

Toll roads in Alicante and Andalusia, the AP-7 Tarragons-Valencia-Alicante and the AP-4 Seville-Cádiz, will become free as of 2020.

The company Abertis, which manages the motorways, will end their concession contract on December 31st and, as agreed by the Ministry of Development, the tolls will be lifted and return to the State, according to the group.

The company, Albertis, has signed a severance package (ERE) with Spain’s traffic body UGT and USO for 136 of its employees.

The lack of toll on the AP-7  will benefit around 23,469 users a day on the section between Tarragona and Valencia, and another 20,844 on the route between Valencia and Alicante, the AP-4 has around 25,200 vehicles that circulate daily on the motorway, so the lack of tolls is great news for motorists.

A return trip to Valencia from Benidorm will become 29€ cheaper, Happy days.....

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