Scooter misuse in Benidorm

 Scooter misuse in Benidorm - Over 300 disciplinary proceedings issued

Scooter misuse in Benidorm - 26th August. Benidorm opens around 300 disciplinary proceedings for the misuse of mobility scooters motorized chairs and electric scooters etc on public roads.

During the summer months the Local Police have detected numerous breaches of the regulations by both users and rental companies. The City Council considers the possibility of revoking the opening license of offending establishments.

The is the first results yielded via a control campaign for this type of vehicle recorded during the high season by the Local Police due to the numerous problems that had been detected in many streets of the city generated by their users.

The rental of personal mobility vehicles is a practice that in recent years has grown exponentially in tourist locations and has not been without controversy.

The latest incident resulted in a fatal accident on Wednesday 24th August, when a 58-year-old British tourist, sadly died after colliding with a barrier whilst on a motorised chair she was driving from La Cruz, her 8-year-old grandson was also injured.

Municipal sources state that around 500 motorised mobility vehicles are marketed daily, with rental prices ranging from 10€ a day to 50€ for a week.  British tourists are the main users and it is possible to find all kinds of electric vehicles circulating on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, roads, or parked on public roads or blocking public access to many hotels and other establishments.

 Scooter misuse in Benidorm

Photo above by David Revenga

 Scooter misuse in Benidorm

Benidorm was the pioneer when it came to regulating the use of these vehicles, with the approval of a municipal ordinance almost a decade ago that, among other issues, limited the rental of these "scooters" to people over 55 years of age or with accredited mobility problems.  Rental companies have to have  civil liability insurance.  Users can under these rules receive penalties for driving drunk or at high speed. In addition.  Some types of vehicle, according to the ordinance, are only available for organization of group excursions.

But in reality breaches by users and certain rental companies are constant and have serious consequences. This is clear, at least, from the data provided this Thursday by the councillor for Commerce and Citizen Security, Lorenzo Martínez, who has assured that so far this summer the Local Police has opened more than 300 sanctioning files for the improper use.  Fines can amount to 500 euros.

Among the breaches detected in this police campaign is not only the rental of this type of vehicle to people who do not meet the requirements of the ordinance, that is, to people under 55 without mobility problems, but also the fact that some of these vehicles for rent are not in optimal condition or lack all the required documentation.

As far as users are concerned, the most repeated breaches are to circulate through unauthorised areas, speeding,  carrying additional passengers, inadequate protection, or parking in restricted areas, which may entail the removal of the vehicle and  payment of an additional penalty.

The councillor defends that the use of these type of vehicles, both personal mobility and for people with disabilities, "can be a solution and a very important service in a city like ours, provided that they are used as intended and not an uncontrolled abuse to do business".

Lorenzo Martínez has indicated that, in addition to inspections, the Local Police also carry out information campaigns, but "the police can not spend all their time on making users and companies comply."

 Scooter misuse in Benidorm

All the information that has been obtained in this latest campaign is now being reviewed and the municipal legal services are studying the possibility of revoking opening licenses to establishments dedicated to the rental of motorcycles, chairs or skates that have been sanctioned repeatedly.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English so some details may be slightly lost in this translation.  Read the original article in Spanish here.

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