Secret Symbols the burglars use

The secret symbols indicate whether a home offers rich pickings, has already been burgled or, more disturbingly, is occupied by a vulnerable female.

These are the most commonly found symbols to help residents stay one step ahead.

“Knowledge is power.
“We do not want to alarm people, only inform them.”
As well as identifying prime property, the secret code also warns burglars away from homes which have nothing worth stealing or are too risky to break into.

New Warning from the Guardia Civil

If you are a resident please keep an eye out for these little pieces of plastic which are inserted between door frames of properties.

They are put there by burgles/thieves.... if the plastic remains in place, this indicates that the property is unoccupied.

If found report the incident to the Guardia Civil by calling 062.


0 # Tracy Ann 2018-11-28 12:36
There are lots of other scams that burglars use - This is a true experience that I wish to share so others do not fall into the same trap that I did, I hasten to add that this did NOT happen in Benidorm, but could happen anywhere.

Back in 2007 we bought a brand new build house on a brand new urbanization in Torrevieja. We were out for a week in April 2008 finalising all the paperwork which included trips to the bank to pick up new cards etc and trips to the notary.

We finally picked up the keys to our new house and were obviously very excited to be staying there for the first time. Having just walked in with the whole world in my handbag, passport, new bank cards (including pin numbers) driving licences, mobile phones, camera, quite a bit of cash etc etc.

Within 5 minutes of being in the house there was a knock on the door ( I hid my handbag behind the sofa). A very smartly dressed young man with briefcase very official looking with I.D was at the door, he said that he had been sent by the builders as "there have been a couple of problems with the water supply in some of the properties and needed to show us where the cut off valves where in the property", we followed him into the bathroom where he showed us where the valves where and how to turn them off, and away he went.

Half an hour later I went to get something out of my handbag....... which of course was no longer there. He obviously had a partner in crime who waited until we were out of the room to steal the handbag. We had lost our passports and everything else. This was a nightmare for us as this was late on a Saturday afternoon and we were due to fly back to the UK early Sunday morning.

Luckily our one and only neighbour noticed a suspicious looking white van in the area and took down the number plate.

We drove to the local police station in Torrevieja and were told that there was no translator there until Monday morning.... Not much use to us. We then managed to borrow a friends phone and call the police on the national number and were able to make a statement in English over the phone, we than had to drive to the main police station to pick up the printed statement. So we now had a police incident report number.

The bank was phoned within 45 minutes to cancel all the cards but within this time they had taken out the maximum amount of cash on all the cards. (my stupid fault for having the pin numbers in my bag with the cards).

The next problem how to get home, too late in the day to get even a emergency passport. luckily I did have copies of our passports and we had just printed off our boarding cards etc so we drove to Alicante Airport to see what we could do, we were informed by the main information desk that as long as we had our boarding cards, the police report and copies of our passport Ryanair should let us fly ok.

So back home for a sleepless night.

We only had hand luggage so decided to get to the airport very early to make sure we were first in the queue, thinking if they had a problem with us boarding it would hold everyone else up, after an argument with Ryanair and a call to the main Airport Help desk they finally agreed to let us fly.

Upon getting home we learnt that this is a very common ploy to get into people houses especially new builds where they actually watch for the new owners going in.

So the moral of the story, do not let strangers in the house even if they do seem to have proper identification or put your handbag within easy reach and keep your pin numbers separate from new bank cards.

When we did move over permanently the first thing we did was get two big dogs lol

These people were actually caught by the police and as far as I know are enjoying life in a Spanish prison.
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0 # Neil Radford 2019-06-11 17:17
Oh dear, unbelievable the levels they go to!
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0 # Jill Shail 2019-06-11 22:12
Yes they are very organised which is why they can be very difficult for the Police to catch x
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