Shelter Hotels

Shelter Hotels for people who test COVID positive before travel

19th July Shelter Hotels Update - Turisme and Hosbec extend the shelter hotels program to all the regulated establishments of the Valencian Communitat

The program aims to provide security to visitors as well as to provide coverage during their stay at the destination

COVID-19 infected tourists should be isolated for 10 days in regulated accommodation where they are staying.

Today the Hospitality Tourism 2021 program has been presented to the tourism sector that will manage the attendance and situation of tourists who are Covid19 positive to ensure that everyone is treated and safe while conducting home isolation ordered by the health authority.

This program is the result of public-private collaboration between GVA Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, Conselleria De Sanitat. GVA through the Autonomous Secretariat of Public Health, and HOSBEC as an entity that will manage the care and management service, for their experience in this health crisis.

The Definition of Hospitality Tourism 2021 has taken a major turn in recent weeks due to unfavourable health development: All Hotels, Camps, Apartments and Tourist Accommodation Establishment in the Valencian Community become Hotels Refuge for their Customers. In addition, the Hospitality Tourism 2021 will have a small additional capacity to provide specific facilities as a shelter hotel to address airport emergencies and that no tourist that may have been infected is left helpless.

The general rule on which the system is part is that every tourist with a positive PDIA should stay in their accommodation, whatever it is, to make home isolation that will be 10 days from the start of symptoms or from the date of the positive test. For this, the recommendation that all businesses in the sector should reserve rooms or accommodation units, in the remote and less busy areas to enable them as a shelter for their positives. There is no established number about it, but each company will determine it depending on its size, occupation, backgrounds, etc...

It is important to take into account the provenance of tourists because, in most cases, foreign tourists will have to use this extended accommodation as they will not be able to fly to their countries of origin precisely because they do not have negative tests. In the case of Spanish or tourists who have moved in their private vehicle, the return to their home will be the option used as it meets better conditions of comfort, comfort and its particular health care.

Care service for tourist professionals.

The whole system will be a puzzle complex to fit in and for this purpose HOSBEC will manage the permanent care service through: Phone 44 646 33 Email [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This service will run 24 hs 7 days a week from July 15th to September 15th It could be extended in time if appropriate conditions were met by mutual agreement among all the cooperating actors on this program.

This service will not meet direct requirements of tourists, but will act through what are called ′′ derivatives ". A derivative may be:

- Regulated and authorized hotel establishments and tourist accommodations. - Executives 24 hs at AENA airports. - The health authority. - The consulates and diplomatic authorities (whose collaboration is also essential to solve the problems of language communication with the tourists affected).

However, efforts will be made to divert all possible affected to the channels advising their particular situation.


Sanctions for defaulters.

Both accommodation companies and positive tourists face major fines in case they fail to comply with their duties. For example, a hotel that does not extend the stay of a positive customer may have a fine of between €10.000 and €100.000 and a positive customer who breaks their isolation and abandons their accommodation is facing fines up to €30.000 depending on third party risk.

However, it is warned that tourist accommodation establishments have no competition to force a positive tourist to stay in the establishment against their will. In these cases, you will sign a voluntary exit and immediately transfer of your situation to the health authority.

Hotels-Shelter for tourists at risk of helplessness.

The entire designed system is perfected with the availability of an exclusive hotel-shelter to address airport emergencies. This hotel would be diverted to tourists who can't board for being positive and don't have accommodation in effect. It will be monitored especially that all collab obligations by accommodation establishments where they may have been accommodated. Each tourist deviant to the hotel-shelter will authorize their transfer as a result.

For this task also includes the collaboration of the Associations of Radio-Taxi and Tele-Taxi from the main cities of the Valencian Communitat that will take care of the transfer with the necessary security and prevention measures.

Affected tourists will be staying in full boarding services with water, with food service in rooms

They will also have TV Colour, air conditioning, internet and a fridge or minibar, and will be provided with facilities for access to complementary food and drinks, medication and sanitary items, laundry, etc... being these items in charge.

They will not be able to leave their rooms and if they will be detected, police and health authority will be immediately advised and the sanctions regime will be strict.

Smoking in all rooms at Hotel-Refugio is terminally prohibited.

The identity of shelter hotels will remain in the strictest confidentiality being known only by the organization of Hospitality Tourism 2021. Tourists also sign a confidentiality protocol by which they will not be able to unveil this location to preserve the safety of other customers and of the establishment itself. 

Risk in unauthorized tourist accommodation

One of the main problems in the launch of this protection system will come from unauthorized tourist accommodation that mainly occur in homes, villages and the like. These accommodations have the same obligation under the health authority protocol to provide accommodation to tourists who could be Covid19 positive and who are in home isolation. If they did not, they would add penalties for touristically marketing accommodations without authorization, as well as for violating home isolation ordered by Health.

Under no circumstances are these people part of the Hospitality Tourism 2021 protection system, having to take care of all the expenses incurred by their stay and extension of it.

Shelter Hotels 15th July

Shelter Hotels are planned for people who test COVID positive before travel - What happens if a tourist takes a covid test to return to their home country, and receives a positive result and is unable to fly?  The answer is the person has to remain in Spain in quarantine until testing negative again 

Local hoteliers organisation HOSBEC and GVA Turisme Comunitat Valencia launch Hospitality Tourism 2021 program with the hire of Hotels Refugio, where people can stay for this period.

The aim is to have accommodation units for tourists who need to be in home isolation or Covid19 quarantine and can't move to their usual residence. 

With Hosbec's experience in managing the Covid19 health crisis and supporting Turisme Comunitat Valencia, both entities will launch the Hospitality Tourism 2021 program to address Covid19 related health contingencies that may affect Covid19 tourists staying in hotel establishments and tourist accommodations regulated in the territorial area of the Valencian Comunitat.

One of the performances to be launched is the SHELTER HOTEL, that is, hotels that will have accommodation units that will be hired to accommodate tourists who need to be in home isolation or COVID19 quarantine and can not move to their residence particular.  The identity of shelter hotels will be confidential and not made public.

A deadline has been opened for all those HOTELER ESTABLISHMENTS AND TOURISTIC HOMES interested in submitting their offers to this service. The deadline for submission of tenders ends at 23:59 pm on Thursday, July 1st, 2021

This hiring is public and open to all hotel establishments in the Valencian Communitat without them being associated with Hosbec


Required accommodation units and location of shelter hotels

In each SHELTER HOTEL, 10 rooms or accommodation units will be established, so as to provide coverage throughout the territory of the Valencian Communitat.

A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 SHELTER HOTELS distributed according to the following territorial criteria:

Alicante North Zone (preferably Benidorm and surroundings)

Alicante South Zone

Valencia / Castellón


Hotel Shelter Contract Duration

The duration of this room or accommodation unit availability contract will be from July 15th to September 15th.

These dates may be amended by common accord between HOSBEC, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the accommodation contracted to address the circumstances that may arise in the evolution of the health crisis.

Hotel Hotel Hiring Offer Price

The maximum prices HOSBEC will pay to the establishment contracted for this program will be as follows:

Un-occupied room: € 15 / day + VAT per room

Busy Bedroom (Full Board with Room Service):

£ 80 +IVA per room / day in case of double room.

£ 60 + VAT per room / day in case of dual room single use.

Conditions and services to be met in accommodation units (excerpt from supply conditions)

Bedroom conditions:

All rooms will be part of the same building and will be located contiguously or as close as possible.

All rooms will be double and have natural ventilation outside.

Colour TV will be available with remote control, internet access and phone line.

Bedrooms will have individualized HVAC systems.


Reception service will be provided 24 hours.

Guests staying in this program will be served in the room the three daily food services (breakfast, lunch and dinner), according to the ordinary food offer (menu) of the establishment, with water included (other drinks will go to customer charge).

It will be prioritized that there is a small fridge or minibar that can be used by the hosted guest. If you do not have it, a spacious schedule will be determined where room service for drinks (guest service)

Room cleaning service will be the ordinary corresponding to the establishment depending on your category

Prevention of contagion to establishment staff

The establishment will have a contagion prevention procedure for its employees based on the protocol that has been established by the Health Consellery, and should be disclosed for validation by the occupational risk prevention services of the establishment itself ( HOSBEC will collaborate for its development)

However, and for greater security of establishment staff who may have direct contact with tourists in isolation (cleaning staff of these rooms or carrying out any kind of in-person assistance), the Health Consellery will proceed to vaccinate this staff independently of his age.

HOSPITALITY TOURISM 2021 program function and shelter hotels

One of the updates on the programme in respect of the previous year is that all case management (attention to tourists, hotel transfer, recruitment and communication of accommodations, coordination with health authorities, as well as any related impact) will be carried out directly through from HOSBEC.

The service will exclusively cover tourists lodged in regulated establishments who cannot move to their places of residence, and for a maximum period linked to the isolation required by the health authorities (maximum 15 days)

Hosbec will provide training to all staff of selected shelter hotels so they can follow the guidelines set by health, tourism and management authorities in the operation of this program.

The identity of shelter hotels will be confidential and not made public.

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