Start Up Business Member

Start Up Business Member


Start up Business Member Package

(Available only to start up and part time businesses.)

This offer is our starter pack for part time businesses and new start up businesses (business must be less than one year old) to establish and represent themselves on Benidorm Seriously. This will grant the ability to put your business among hundreds of other users and businesses that all require information around Benidorm and the surrounding areas.

Package begins at €30 for one year only

What does this package offer me?

☑ Company Name

☑ Company Logo

☑ Google Maps Address

☑ Phone Numbers

☑ Unlimited Categories

☑  Unlimited Photos

☑ Access To Show a Youtube video

☑ Free Classified Ads With Unlimited Photos

☑ 30€ discount against any Web Site advert

☑ Permission to post direct to Facebook Group

Additional information

Subscription Type

Standard, Featured, Enhanced