Spanish Airport Strikes

Spanish Airport Strikes - General information and updates 

Spanish Airport Strikes - Ground handling workers "Azul Handling", that work for Ryanair and Vueling have confirmed their intention to undertake industrial action in several (22) Spanish airports in November, December and January

RYANAIR STRIKE will affect the main Spanish airports from 1st November to 31st January 2023

Santiago de Compostela
Tenerife Sur
Las Palmas
Tenerife Norte
24-hour Strike Dates.
Friday, October 28.
Saturday, October 29.
Sunday, October 30.
Monday, October 31.
Thursday, November 1.
Thursday, December 8.
Sunday, December 11.
Friday, December 30.
Saturday, December 31.
Friday, January 6.
Sunday, January 8.
Partial Exercise Dates
From 04:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m.,
from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.,
from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday November 4.
Saturday November 5.
Sunday November 6.
Friday November 11.
Saturday November 12.
Sunday November 13.
Friday November 18.
Saturday November 19.
Sunday November 20.
Friday November 25.
Saturday November 26.
Sunday November 27.
Tuesday December 6.
Saturday December 10.
Friday December 16.
Saturday December 17.
Sunday December 18.
Thursday December 22.
Friday December 23.

26th August - Recent reports that members of three Spanish workers’ unions across Spanish airports have voted for 25 days of industrial action in September, October, November and December are “incorrect.”

If you are in any doubt about your flight, contact your airline or booking agent.

The Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) confirmed that the reports were unfounded and that “there is no call for strikes at Spanish airports”

Industrial action has been confirmed only by Spanish workers at Ryanair, Iberia Express cabin crew and easyJet pilots.

These unfounded reports have caused concern among millions of holidaymakers and passengers with travel plans to Spain in the coming months.

Ryanair strikes -  Members of two unions in Spain representing Ryanair cabin crew have begun a series of weekly walk-outs from Monday to Thursday that are set to continue until Saturday 7th January 2023.   Ryanair state that these latest threatened strikes, which involve only a handful of our Spanish cabin crew.   Ryanair also pointed out that the actions so far have affected just 1% of the total number of their flights.

While a tiny number of Ryanair flights in Spain were cancelled or delayed in July, this was mostly due to ATC strikes and flight delays. No flights were cancelled in July and August due to these unsuccessful and poorly supported strikes by these two minority unions (USO & SITCPLA) who represent only a small handful of Ryanair Spanish cabin crew. The vast majority of Ryanair’s Spanish cabin crew are represented by the CCOO union who have already reached a labour agreement with Ryanair which covers most of our Spanish cabin crew.”


Spanish Airport Strikes

What hasn't been reported much is that the Spanish government department of transport has set by law a "minimum service" level of 83%..... limiting by doing this the effects of any action. This minimum service level is set to drop during the months to January 2023, but never below the 75% figure. This means that the action will see very few if any cancelled flights to/from Alicante, with any action likely to be restricted to delays, which would mainly be from Monday to Thursday.

EasyJet Strikes - A separate strike by SEPLA, which represents easyJet pilots in Spain, is set to take place for three days across the busy bank holiday weekend, from Saturday 27th- Monday 29th August. It will be the final of three planned 72-hour walk-outs by easyJet pilots this month, as negotiations over working conditions and contracts continue.

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