Spanish School Holiday dates from September 2019 - 2020 - Alicante Region

The holidays are gradually coming to an end and we already see on the horizon the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year in the province of Alicante.  on September 9th classes will begin in Infant, Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate, Basic Professional Training and Basic FP second chance.

On the other hand, on September 17th classes will begin in Adult Training, on the 23rd the classes will begin in Sports and Artistic Education and Training Programs of basic qualification and on October 1st in language schools.


As for holidays the school calendar, in October we have two: the 9th Valencian Community Day and the 12th Hispanic Day. In November, day 1st, which falls on Friday, is All Saints' Day, as is December 6th Constitution Day which is also Friday and adds to 8th The Immaculate Conception.

The Christmas holidays will be from December 23 to January 6th (both inclusive) and it will not be until March 19th (Father's Day) where we can enjoy another holiday.

Easter holidays are established from April 9th to 20th and on May 1st , Friday and Labor Day, will also be a holiday.

Finally, classes will end on the following dates:

  • June 12th, end of classes in Adult Training
  • June 16th, end of classes at ESO, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, Second Chance Vocational Training, Sports and Artistic Teaching
  • June 18th, end of classes in Infant and Primary Education
  • June 24th, end of classes in Language Teaching

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