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Thank you for your interest in supporting our work, your Sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.  We feel we can offer you our support in return.  At Benidorm Seriously we do things a little differently.  We promote our sponsors!  Our admin team will actively promote your business to the Facebook Group at every opportunity.  You don´t have to wait to be noticed

Here you will find a breakdown of the advantages of supporting our work with us.  But first here are the Statistics as of 21st  August  2019.

Facebook Group Members 108,844

Monthly Growth. 2.8K

Posts and Comments last month.  349.8K

Active members last month. 90,672

Web Site Visits (Last 30 days) 278,229

Most popular page.  Whats on guide 28,685 Visits

Alexa Global Ranking:   : 219,457th

At Benidorm Seriously we offer a free service to the public, helping them to enjoy their experience of Benidorm.  In doing so we promote many of the local business.  To carry out this work we rely totally on donations and business sponsorship.  There are no government grants in Spain.  We have no set price.  Contributions are at your own discretion.

What we offer in return

Contributions of less than 150€ are considered as donations not Sponsorship.  We will be happy to place an advert on the website for promotional purposes and a “limited” entry into our business Directory.  It will be necessary to supply us with the advertising material as per our specifications


Donations above 150€ will be considered a sponsor and will be permitted to post direct to the Facebook Group without limitation, for a period of one year.  We will also place an Entry into our business directory, which you will be given full excess to, to include any promotional material you require.  It is advisable to maintain this as our admin team use this information to promote your business.  If we don´t know we cannot tell anyone else.  The business directory will also display your contact details, including a message button directed to your email address and an interactive map linked to google maps to help customers find you.  We will also place a prominent advert on our website, with one advert design included free of charge.  Further adverts may incur an administration fee.

Donations above 300€

All our promotional work is carried out on a pro rata bases.  The larger your donation the harder we work for you.  For example a donation of 300€ includes everything above but will place your business directory entry top of the lists and named with the Seal of approval.  Your adverts on the website will be either larger or will be shown with more frequency (or both).  Your business will be promoted first before competitors who have contributed a smaller amount.

Donations above 1,000€

Once above 1,000€ we not only include all of the above but will also add a full page editorial dedicated to your business.  And of course the levels of promotion from our admin team would be more than twice the amount of promotion allocated to a 400€ sponsor for example

Donations above 1,500€

Not only will you receive a full page editorial, but we will also dedicate a specific page or pages especially to your business.  These page/s will clearly display that your business sponsors the page.  No other company adverts will appear on that page.  Admin promotion increases just as before.

On issue of a factura it will be necessary to add IVA to the above prices

So how much does it cost?  You tell us what you are prepared to donate.

The Business Directory

The Business Directory is intended to help our visitors and members to find your business.  We have four levels of listing available.  Free Listings include your Business name and address with a google map to show directions.  You may only list your business under main categories.  Sub Category listings are not available.   To make use of this facility simply log in  and select Free Business.

Trial Packages starting from 30€

This offer is available for any of our packages below.  However is only available to part time businesses, new business start ups and Benidorm Entertainers.

Entertainers will receive an 80% Discount

New Business Start ups and Part time Businesses receive a 100€ discount (New Business Start up will only qualify first year only).  Please note these are at the discretion of our admin team.  The purchase of an existing business will not be considered as Start up nor will self employed agents working for larger companies.  To take advantage of one of these discounts it is necessary to contact admin and request a discount voucher.

Discount offers cannot be combined.

In summary 

Standard Package 150€ per year

The Standard Package includes your Business Name and address including google maps with Directions.  The listing will also display your contact details including Phone numbers, Links to web sites and social media.  There is a the facility to display a youtube video and unlimited photos in your photo gallery.  You may select unlimited categories and sub categories, subject to suitability  You will be given log in details to enable you to make changes at your discretion.  Package includes a discount of 150€ against web site advertising.  (Unless Specified, Assumed to require Medium advert with Minimum Exposure.  See Calculator below for alternative options)

Featured Package 300€ per year

The Featured Package includes your Business Name and address including google maps with Directions.  The listing will also display your contact details including Phone numbers, Links to web sites and social media.  There is a the facility to display a youtube video and unlimited photos in your photo gallery.  You will be given log in details to enable you to make changes at your discretion. Package includes a discount of 300€ against web site advertising.  (Unless Specified, Assumed to require Medium advert with Basic Exposure.  See Calculator below for alternative options) Featured listings always appear top of all catagorised lists.  

Web Site Advertising

There is advertising space available throughout the majority of our 350 plus pages on the web site.  The price is dependent on a number of factors.  These include,

  • The Size of the add.  There are four sizes available

Banner Adverts These adverts are smaller in size but are placed on the most dynamic positions, including top of the page

Large 300px x 600px

Medium 300px x 400px

Small 300px x 200px

Examples of these adverts can be seen on this page already

  • The Weighting you wish to apply to your advert  Higher weightings will show more often and/or remain visible for longer periods of time
  • The length of time you require the advert to run

Remember only adverts of a higher value than 150€ are permitted to post direct to the Facebook group.  Advertising above 150€ will receive a Standard listing in the Business Directory at no extra cost.  Advertising above 300€ will receive a Featured listing in the Business Directory at no extra cost.  To estimate the cost of advertising you can use our calculator below.

Featured News Adverts 1,000€

Featured News advertising, is where we produce a full page “write up” for your business.  Click here for an example of this style of advert.  Included in the package is, 1,000€ discount on web site advertising and a free Featured listing in the Business Directory

Web Page Sponsorship

Web Page Sponsorship includes sole and unlimited advertising on any single Web page subject to availability.  It may also be possible to have input  regarding the actual contents of the of the page, however, this would be subject to the desecration of Benidorm Seriously.  Prices vary considerably depending on the popularity of the page in question, but range from 150€ up to 20,000€ per year.  The matching discounts would again apply regarding advertising on other pages and Directory entries. There are also options for full web site sponsorship.  For prices please contact our sales team.

Sales and Affiliate Links

We also offer the facility on the web site to promote your products via affiliate links to your web site or even sell your products direct from our shop.  This can be done on a commission only basis.  However this type of advertising does not permit the business to post direct to the Facebook Group. All promotions direct to Facebook would be at the discretion of our admin team.  Please be aware that when this option is chosen in isolation, our admin team promote our shop, not the individual products.  It is, however, possible to chose this option in conjunction with other forms of Sponsorship.

Please note, any Benidorm Entertainers who wish to make use of these facilities there are discounts available of up to 80%

One Final note.  We have available a Jobs and Classified section on the web site.  This facility if free to use by the general public to advertise personal items for sale or rent.  Business owners may use this facility free of change to advertise jobs.  Any business not currently sponsoring the web site may still  make use of this facility free of charge, but will only be permitted to advertise the position direct to the group by using a link to the listing on the web site.  The listing my include contact details for the position in question but must not include links to web site, Facebook pages or include any other advertising.

For all other inquiries contact our admin team 




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Buddha Bar
Benidorm Seriously Sponsor
Buddha Bar

Benidorm seriously has helped BUDDHA BAR to become one of the most popular bars in Benidorm where to go and enjoy quality cocktails , thank you so much, from Marcus and Toby

Chris Jaeger
Business Member
Chris Jaeger

In just 3 days I got back my invest on your page brilliant!!!! thanks very much!!

Discount Motor Parts Spain
Business Member
Discount Motor Parts Spain

I would like to say any business who is thinking of sponsoring Benidorm Seriously – I would highly recommend you do so – these guys work extremely hard to provide an amazing service to almost 100,000 people and businesses – Thank you Jill Tracy and Derek for such a fantastic and well organised group