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Stabbing in Benidorm – No Fatalities

Stabbing in Benidorm – No Fatalities

Stabbing in Benidorm – No Fatalities

Update – 28th February – The two British men accused of the stabbing incident appeared in court yesterday.


During the early hours of 25th February, news came in that a stabbing incident had occurred on Calle Mallorca, an area know as The Square, where many of the most well known bars are situated and used by British Tourists, the event happened at around 22.30

The Spanish news and the Police have confirmed that two Public Relations workers (Props) were stabbed but their injuries were not life threatening.  Both the Local and National police attended the scene and the square was cordoned off to the public, several ambulances were also in attendance.

According to eye witnesses accounts of the stabbings they occurred when two foreign citizens began an argument and then a physical fight in front of one of the businesses of the Calle Mallorca.

In the course of that fight, the now detained began to “attack each other” under the eyes of the bystanders and workers who were there. One of them fell to the ground, according to the sources consulted by the Spanish press and the eye witnesses, from where he produced a large knife with which he allegedly intended to attack the other man.

“According to police sources, several workers from the local area, including some security staff, approached them to try and “neutralise” the situation and managed to remove the knife from his hand. Meanwhile, the other tourist also drew a knife, according to the same sources, then tried to “attack” those who had approached to try to stop the brawl. In a moment of the event, the second involved reached with that knife, between 6 and 10 centimetres, and stabbed one of the public relations working in the area causing a wound in the chest.” as now reported in www.diarioinformacion.com

The attacker fled the scene of the crime heading onto Calle Gerona, and for no apparent reason, stabbed another person who was also a public relations worker, in the stomach.

Finally, another group of workers from establishments in the area managed to “intercept and subdue” him until the National Police agents arrived who proceeded to arrest both foreigners who were taken to the Police Station in Benidorm. However, according to sources close to the case, they would also have threatened a third person, who was not injured.

The two men were arrested with on their person “a machete and two butterfly knives” of “curved blade” and six and ten centimetres, respectively, according to the same sources.

The two stabbed, of Czech and Romanian nationality, were transferred to the regional hospital of La Vila Joiosa and, according to the sources consulted, their lives were not in danger.

The National Police arrested the two alleged perpetrators of the assault with a knife and opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the events.



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