Step by Step Guide

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Step by Step Guide

  1. First you must be registered on the site.  Do do that go to Register on the menu.  If you choose Register with Facebook, Facebook will complete this stage for you.  Or you can complete the information for yourself.  Your name will automatically be added to the pool and you will be able to make predictions
  2. If you have already registered, tell us and we will add your name to the competition.  Once added you will be able to make predictions
  3. When added to the pool you are automatically entered as “playing for free”.  If you would like to compete for a share of the prize fund there is an entry free of 10€.  50% of this will be given to the Busy Bees charity.  You can pay the entry fee here.
  4. If you prefer you wish to play for free, but would like to make a donation to Busy Bees click here.

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