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Strange, obscure and funny questions asked on the group

The Benidorm Seriously FaceBook group is very, very busy, on average we answer around 300 questions every day, these cover all sorts of topics, from what is the weather like to hotel reviews and everything in-between, but every now and then we get asked some quite strange, obscure and funny questions......

This page is in no way here to disrespect any of our members and no names will be mentioned, and we do always say that "No question is silly if you don´t know the answer" but here is a selection of some of the stranger and funnier questions we have dealt with over the years.

Flamingo Beach - says on their web site no pets allowed!! Are there cats on site?

Can I use my UK bus pass? 

mmm No

Strange, obscure and funny questions 

What number bus do I catch to so and so? mmm give us a clue where you are in the first place, just like back in the UK there could be a number of different buses.

Can you direct me to?  Yes we could if we knew where you were in the first place

What is the weather going to be like on ..........?

Absolutely no idea!!  but we have a weather page that is updated every single morning and the page includes daily, weekly and monthly averages etc - Benidorm Weather Forecast

What is the weather like at this minute? Posted at 1am, answer Dark...

How hot is the Sun?

Do you have the same Sun in Benidorm as we do in the UK?

Yes of course, but luckily for us locals, we get to see it more here.

It's raining in Benidorm. This wasn't made clear to me when I booked. Is there anyway I can claim compensation? - Obviously a joke post, or was it....

How blue is the sky today?

Question asked in August about the November Fiesta - What’s the weather like for the fiesta?  If only we had a crystal ball.....

What kind of clouds do you get in Benidorm?

strange, obscure and funny questions

Strange, obscure and funny questions 

With this one it was not the question that was funny, but one of the answers: -

Q posted in June during a heatwave - Has anyone got any tips or advice? I’m coming to Beni next weekend for at least 2 months, I’m trying to be sensible about what to bring and not bring.  any tips from any of you living there or who have stayed a long time as to what to bring and be sure to take.

A - I'd suggest bringing some winter clothes just in case we get a storm or something.

Question - how do I get to the Indoor Market - one of the answers that made us chuckle - Depends which indoor market - I found two of them, one on Calle Gerona and then on another day on my way back from the Aquapark another one on Av Ametlla De Mar....... There are two entrances to the same market, Estrella was blamed lol

In June, July August the average temp is 28ºc even during a storm.

What is the exchange rate going to be on.........

Not a clue!! but we can tell you what it is to-day Exchange rates in Benidorm

Can I buy baby food in Benidorm?

Yes of course the Spanish also have babies.  Taking baby away on holiday

I don't like the Hotel, there are too many Spanish people

(Why can´t they go to Blackpool like normal people do)

Are there any hotels that have English plug sockets? I really can't be bothered to buy those adapter thingies.... There must be some???

Stopping at the San Diego apartments in May. Does anyone know if the rooms have beds!

Looking for advice, does anyone know if holiday insurance pays out if you have to cancel due to family bereavement. It hasn't happened but our parents are getting on and it's a worry!!!

Admin were not really sure how to answer that other than "the only people to be able to answer that question is the insurance company".  Perhaps asking your parents to be more considerate, when deciding when to die is the solution.

Strange, obscure and funny questions 

What type of sand is on the beach?

We knew what they meant....but the wording is still funny - Benidorm´s Beaches.

Can I take Sand on the plane?

Why?    Its not on the restricted list but security will probably ask you what it is and may test for explosives.  They may take it away from you but as its free, if you really want to take some home its worth a try.  But again Why?

Where is the sea?  You will find it right beside the beach

How far is it from the beach to the sea?   Depends where you sit on the beach lol

How far does the tide go out? - Caused quite a heated discussion, Although not tidal enough for the average person to even notice we do however have high and low tides here and tidal information is included on the daily weather post.

Any suggestions on what to wear xmas day?

Can anyone tell me... Is the Ice in Benidorm made with English water or Spanish?  Yes this does actually get asked as one member quoted "I just overheard a woman ordering a Bacardi & Coke, and she asked if the ice was English ice. I´ve heard it all now."

What date is the St Patrick´s day fiesta is it 17th?

Do you have Guy Fawkes day in Benidorm?

This one deserved post of the week as it was posted on 3rd March - Who would believe it is February with this amazing weather. Happy Sunday everyone!!

Some questions on the group as just a tad vague, for example - anyone been in Jan?  or has anyone every stayed in the Rio Park?   (If not, how they have kept going for so long?)


We deal with a lot of Transfer bookings and quite often important information is missing from people orders such as flight details and even times and dates of flights... Transfer companies and ourselves are quite clearly psychic this is one such incident when asked for drop off and pick up location "We are staying in la Cala De Finestrat and just need dropping at the usual drop off place near the beach"

Some people unfortunately just don´t understand the internet - "I´m on Facebook, not the World Wide Web"

Request from a 10 year old boy

I took Tony Scott's DVD to school today.  I´m in a lot of trouble, Can you help?

(Ok I admit it, We made that one up)

Some photos you would think would be self explanatory, a photo of the new Los Arcos hotel in the process of being built. - Question "Is it open yet"

The hotel food was  all foreign and did not cater for the British at all.  We had to eat in the Chinese across the road every night.

I know Spain better than most of the members in this group.  I have been all over Spain and without doubt Benidorm is the best of the Islands.

On the subject of Brexit.  If Brexit makes it difficult to holiday in Spain, I will just go to Portugal instead.

I would like to live in Benidorm, but what do you eat?  Are there any supermarkets?

My son booked priority, paid for it now they say there is no priority boarding left.  If everyone was priority, what would be the point!!!!

One of the recent ones while under Lock down.  Spain have closed the borders but Jet2 have not cancelled the flights so we can still go to Benidorm.

What’s the best way to turn Left or Right when coming out the Flash hotel

Hi there can anyone help I'm trying to fill out the Spth form, what one do I select to say which covid vaccination I have had - Unfortunately only the person posting would know which vaccine they received as admin nor anyone else was there at the time.....

Sometimes it´s not the questions that are funny, but the answers - 

This question seemed simple enough - What's the British food you must have in Spain.  But some of the answers included, curry, Indian, Patatas Bravas, Paella, Tapas, Churros, which are far from British lol 

Keep them coming, we´ll share them when we stop laughing.

Can you remember any strange, obscure questions we have missed? comment below

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