Successful Advertising

Successful Advertising 

Did you know that between Billboards, Shop signs, Television Radio etc etc there are over 3,000 attempts to sell you something every single day.  Gone are the days when the travelling salesman could sell ointment to grow hair on a billiard ball.  We have built up a buyers resistance that serves no purpose other than to avoid bankruptcy.  To compete in to-days markets advertising is an essential business expense.  This is a guide to achieve Successful Advertising   

Successful Advertising  is not an art.  It is a Science. Mathematics to be exact  The art only comes into it for fine tuning, when you have the Science part right.

If you ask a child to stand in the street with an sign saying "Apple for sale".  Sooner or later, someone will stop and buy that apple from that child.  It is just a matter of time and how many must walk past, before we find the one who takes pity on the child  and makes the purchase.  To coin a phrase, "It is a numbers game".  But you need to get the numbers right as there is a very limited time before you will be arrested for child slavery.  

In business there are many ways to reduce the numbers.  That being the case, lets concentrate on what works ...fast.

People do not read adverts.  They will only read what interests them.  Sometimes that is an advert.

When someone sees your advert.  They will not bother to read it.  Unless of course it is something they happen to be looking for at that point in time.  Your advert will be instantly forgotten.  There is only one way to avoid this.  Repetition.

Repetition for Successful Advertising 

Repetition can come in many forms and is often not so obvious as it may sound.  But the technique here is to repeat your advertising over and over again until the viewer has embedded the information in the subconscious. Once that has been achieved it will not be forgotten and will be instantly recalled when the time is right. 

Don’t take my word for it.  Let me give you some examples of Successful Advertising using repetition at work

Coca Cola.  I challenge you to take a 5 miles journey in any direction from your home without passing a Coca Cola Sign.  They are there, you just never noticed them before.  Pay particular attention to the shop windows that you pass.

Do you remember an advert on television that ran for many years and I believe still does, with the musical jingle “For hands that do dishes that feel soft as your face”.  It was so repetitive on prime-time television that the term “Fairy Liquid”, is now used instead of “Washing up liquid” by many people. 

Be careful with this one.  There was also another advert with the Musical jingle “They’re tasty tasty very very tasty”.  This one failed because they forgot to mention the product in the repetition.  It is simply the song that is remembered.*

I’m sure you can think of loads more, but my point is to get the information embedded, so that it can be instantly recalled when it is needed.

There are less obvious ways to gain repetition.  It is not always necessary to place your advert in a high-profile position. It is better placed in a position where people will look when they need whatever it is that you are selling.  Again, let me give you a few examples

Yellow pages for many years was the first place people looked when they needed a Plumber, Electrician, Chimney Sweep etc.  In its hey day it was the number one form of advertising anywhere.  That only stopped when the internet became the easier option to search directories.  The use of Directories did not stop.

Most local newspapers have small classified sections in them for things like Car Sales and one for odd jobs, such as erecting television aerials or fixing washing machines.  The reader is aware those sections are there. He sees them every week repetitively as he browses the newspaper.  He never pays them any attention, until he needs to change his car, or the washing machine breaks down.  Then he knows where to look.  Repetition in action for Successful Advertising .

Another less obvious one is location.  Most people move to a new house no more than once every 10 years throughout their lifetime.    There are not a lot of opportunities for the Estate agents to make money.  Now take a second and think of the most popular estate agent in your town.  The chances are it is not the one with the best location on the High Street.  It is probably one that is located it a position on a busy road junction, where thousands of people drive past every day and subconsciously see their sign preferable straight in front of them. You never even notice them.  Until of course you are ready to buy or sell a property.   Then you have the combination of the two.  It is the First name you thought of, and, they have the most “for sale” and “sold” signs throughout town.  It is an upward spiral.

In summary.  You can pay for a full or half page advert on the front page of the local newspaper.  But it will still not sell your product to the reader who does not need it.  It will, however, sell your product if you can afford to place that avert,  in the same Newspaper, in the same page position every week. 

And that takes us to managing the cost of your advertising

Managing the Cost

Its true, there is no better advertising than word of mouth, and its free.  But word of mouth can be slow.  I started by stating that advertising was a numbers game.  Word of mouth advertising will produce the highest ratios regarding numbers but is one customer for ten people told, better than one customer for 100 people told?  Not if your advert reaches 100,000 people and word of mouth reaches 20.  Do not fool yourself into believing that word of mouth it is all that is needed.  Unless your business is already at the level you want it.  Word of mouth is not going to do it alone.

Your advertising is no different from any other part of your business.  If it is not profitable stop and change.  Let’s have a look at the Mathematics. 

If you place an advert in a Newspaper, Website, Radio or wherever.  What is that advert going to cost you and how much business do you need to get back in return?  If you are selling a product that generates a profit of 500€ and the advert costs 500€, You need 1 sale to break even and two sales for a profit.  If the product only generates a profit of 10€, the same advertising media needs to generate 50 sales, just to break even. 

In selecting your advertising media, you need to consider

The Reach, how many people will see the advert.  This does not mean how many Newspapers are printed. Or how many people live in the town the radio station covers.  Not every paper printed is sold.  Every person in their car is not listening to the same radio station.  You need to make an estimate of how many will see your advert.

What percentage of those who encounter your advert will react to it.  Remember they will only react when they are ready.  If you are a car mechanic and the reader has just bought a second hand car, you will need to repeat your advertising for perhaps 2 years before his car starts to give trouble and he reacts to your advert.

Of those who contact you, what percentage will buy from you

How much profit will you generate from those sales?

Now compare that with your advertising cost. 

If there is any profit at all then it is worth doing.  It is not costing you anything but repeating the process over and over again will generate additional sales from those who have subconsciously embedded your name in their memory and also increase the number of people who can contribute to your “word of mouth” campaign. 

If there is significant profit, it would be foolish not to repeat it. 

If the figures come out at a loss, then you must consider time.  Is it likely to be profitable with repeated efforts? Remember repetition works.   For example, if the advert costs 50€ and one sale will produce a profit of 1,000€, then perhaps yes, try again.  Even if you get the sale on the third attempt it will be worth it. 

But if the advert cost 50€ and the profit is going to be 10€, maybe you need to think of another advertising medium.

A completed example of Successful Advertising .

You are a Bar owner.  You have estimated that every customer who comes into your bar generates an average of 10€ of profit (some more some less, I am using an average)  The cost to place an advert on a website for example is 1€ for every click.  That means if you spend 200€ your advert is displayed on the website until it has been clicked 200 times.  In this example there is no risk regarding how long you must advertise for, or how many will see your advert.  You know you will generate at least 200 people interested in the information on your bar.  Let’s say of those 200 people only 10% will take the time to visit the bar.  That is 20 visitors. They are unlikely to call alone, so that becomes 40 visitors.  That should generate at least 400€ of profit from their first visit.  We can ignore return visits and word of mouth recommendations.  We can see already that if the estimates are correct you will profit from this advertising.

And now we can use art to improve the Science.  If what they see when they click on your advert is improved, we may increase that ratio to 25% visits from the clicks etc.  It is still a numbers game.


If you are already spending money on advertising. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself

If advertising in a Newspaper, you will I am sure have checked your advert every week.  Name one advert that also sits on the same page.  If you didn’t notice, why would anyone else have noticed yours?

If you currently advertise on Radio.  I presume you listen to the station for your advert.  What other businesses have you heard advertised?  Now consider this.  Can you remember their contact details?  Can you find them easily when you need them?

If you use website advertising, you are advertising to people with a specific interest.  They are browsing web pages for a reason.  Are you selling Dog food to Dog owners?  Or selling dog food to anyone who just might have a dog some day?  

To see how Advertising with Benidorm Seriously can meet these requirements for Successful Advertising  click here

You can also see the effect of Direct marketing by watching our sponsors use our Facebook Group

* If it is still bugging you.  The very tasty advert was Kelloggs Brand Flakes


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