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YES there are officially more mosquitoes in the area

YES there are officially more mosquitoes in the area Lots of people have been suffering with more mosquito bites than normal for this time of year, this is all due to the recent rains of the Gota Fria and the rise in temperatures, where the heat has accelerated the natural cycle of the insect. Information…
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Mosquito Facts and the Best Repellents

Mosquito Facts and the Best Repellents Here are a few interesting mozzie facts – Most mosquitoes, buzz in the key of C. They buzz round your head as they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breath out. Only females bite. The noise comes from their wing beats and it their way of attracting the…
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Beware the Bloodsucking Fly

Beware the Bloodsucking Fly Due to the recent hot weather the Black Fly (Mosca chupasangre) also known as the Bloodsucker Fly has become more prevalent throughout Spain, with the area of the River Ebro particularly affected at the moment but historical records have been broken in the number of cases registered in the country and…
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Biting Midges – No-See-Ums

Biting Midges – No-See-Ums We have had a lot of complaints about people here in Benidorm being bitten the poor mosquito seems to be getting the blame, but at certain times of the year these bites are inflicted by a very small black fly. This fly is part of the Ceratopogonidae family, and due to…
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