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Drinking and Driving in Spain – The Laws and fines explained

DRINKING AND DRIVING IN SPAIN Spain has strict drink driving laws, these are stricter than the UK where the limit is 0.8. In Spain, you’re no longer considered fit to drive when your blood/alcohol concentration exceeds 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (or 30mg for drivers with less than two years’ experience and professional drivers). The amount you…
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Spanish Wine Guide

Spanish Wine Guide LOCAL BODEGAS Bodega Enrique Mendoza – Alfaz del Pi, Guided tours available lasting approximately 1hr 30 mins, booking required Opening hours Tuesday to Thursday 10.00, 12,00 and 16.00, Saturday 10.00 & 12.0 Bodega Xalo – Jalon, not a guided tour but a great place to get some good value wines and of…
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Spanish Restaurant Etiquette

Do I sit? Or should I stand? Shall I wave? Or could I shout? And am I supposed to leave a tip? Here are the questions you never thought you needed to ask before going out to eat in Spain. DO I WAIT TO BE SEATED OR CHOOSE MY OWN TABLE? To err on the…
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