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A New Life – Short stories by our Members

A New Life – Short stories by our Members More stories in this section of our website –  A NEW LIFE STORIES FROM BENIDORM SERIOUSLY GROUP MEMBERS  Harry Van Vynck – 5th April 2019 One year ago today  I come home from work in London after sitting in traffic best part of day and said…
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A New Life – Charlie Brown

CHARLIE BROWN My move to Espana in 48 hours! The trials and tribulations…..   After spending over four years working at sea, I knew normality was calling and it was time to settle down – whatever that was! One evening after working from my home in Nottingham (26th May 2016), I settled on the sofa…
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A New Life – Sarah Ando

A NEW LIFE IN BENIDORM by SARAH ANDO – 2016 I had been on holiday to Benidorm about 15 times before I moved. I luckily had a job in Spain before I moved. I spotted an advert on Facebook on the Wednesday, applied and had a Facetime interview the next day. Friday I got an…
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A New Life – The Journey, Derek Blevins

THE JOURNEY by Derek Blevins 13th January 2017 It is exactly seven years to the day, from I arrived in Benidorm and made this great place my home. A great time to reflect on what was the most horrendous journey of my life.  I set of from Northern Ireland on 10th January 2010, expecting a…
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Top tips for taking the perfect Spanish siesta Multiple scientific studies in recent years have proven that a short sleep after lunch provides health benefits, including stress reduction, and improves alertness and memory. Every Spaniard knows the advantage of retreating to a cool dark room during the hottest hours of a summer afternoon for a…
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