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Spanish words for in the Kitchen

Spanish words for in the Kitchen Spanish words for Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts in Spanish Almond – Almendra Artichokes – Alcachofas Asparagus – Esparragos Aubergine – Berenjena Avocado – Aguacate Banana – Platano Basil – Albahaca Bay leaves – Laurel Cabbage – Col Carrots – Zanahorias Cauliflower – Coliflor Cherries – Cerezas Chickpeas – Garbanzas…
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Learn Spanish with Hanane

Learn Spanish with Hanane Many thanks to Hanane for allowing us to share these videos with you. INTRODUCTION Países donde se habla español | Countries where Spanish is spoken 5 palabras y expresiones en español | 5 common Spanish phrases ¿TÚ o USTED? | Differences between “tú” and “usted” Preposiciones | Spanish prepositions ¿SER o…
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