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How to Apply for Residencia

How to Apply for  Residencia 23rd October – Important updates There are NO longer appointment in Benidorm even for all of those who have online appointments booked.  All appointments are now in ALICANTE. The consulate are hopefully looking into the matter.  This as you can imagine is causing even more frustration and outrage. If you…
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Residencia – All your questions answered

Residencia All your questions answered For details on how to apply and fill in the forms etc 3rd April IMPORTANT UPDATES Residency and visas You must register as a Spanish resident if you want to stay in Spain for more than 3 months. You will get a green A4 certificate or credit card-sized piece of paper from…
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How to apply for your NIE Number

HOW TO GET YOUR N.I.E NUMBER INFORMATION CORRECT AS OF December 2018 – Please note that these instructions may vary if you are in a different area of Spain. NOTE – People are now being asked to make appointments for Residencia where your NIE number will be given to you at the same time. Appointments…
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How To – Register for Autonomo

How To – Register for Autonomo What is Autonomo? Autonomo status is the Spanish equivalent of self-employed or freelance and in addition covers people operating (unincorporated) small businesses. Anyone engaged in any of these activities is obliged to legalise them with respect to registration, paying the taxes and charging IVA (VAT). Autonomo will set you…
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How to get your Padron

What is a “Certificado de Empadronamiento”? The Empadronamiento, also known as the Padrón Municipal de Habitantes, is a municipal register or census record, similar to an electoral roll. To register on the Padrón is to “empadronarse“. Registering on the empadronamiento places a resident of a town on the list of local inhabitants. Registration with the Padrón Municipal de Habitantes is obligatory for anyone planning…
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