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Indian Restaurants – Members Recommendations

Indian Restaurants – Members Recommendations One of our most asked questions on the Benidorm Seriously group is “Where can I go for an Indian meal” the places below are listed in no particular order but are all recommended by group members.  Click on the links to read our members reviews or add your own, not…
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Benidorm Restaurants

Benidorm Restaurants Benidorm has so much to offer, for those who want to try a variety of different types of food from throughout the world, not just British and Spanish.  Time to try something new?  Here are a few of our suggestions. The last time we asked for your favourite you told us Palmen Resturant. …
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Spanish Dining Guide

Spanish Dining Guide Spain has a tendency to break every rule when it comes to dining and drinking. Bars here are an ideal spot for breakfast, cafés always serve beer and pubs are perfect places to have an authentic meal. Picking the wrong type of place for the time of day or the style of…
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