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The Road Trip – Discovering Spain

The Road Trip – Discovering Spain It has often been said that Benidorm has everything.  Having travelled to many parts of Europe including Italy, Sardinia, Greece, The Balearic Islands, and also the Canary Islands and places further afield such as India, Eilat, Kenya, Gambia etc, we in admin would share that opinion.  However as part…
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Unaccompanied Children – Flying rules and guidelines

Unaccompanied Children – Flying rules and guidelines In the airline industry, an adult is any passenger aged 16 and older. Any passenger under the age of 16 planning to fly alone must be clear about the rules as they change depending on the individual airline, so please double check before booking.  The details below are…
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Airport Scams – Avoid these top 10

Stay safe while travelling and Avoid these Top 10 Airport  Scams. Information Issued and provided by the Airport Authority in Majorca intended for all travellers to Spain or abroad The article and data below is not designed to scare anyone just to make people are aware and avoid these scams. 1. The airport security scam…
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Hotels recommended for SOLO travellers

Hotels recommended for SOLO travellers The hotels listed below have been recommended by Benidorm Seriously Group Members as being suitable for solo travellers. Click on the links to read the individual hotel reviews, please feel free to add your own reviews on the correct listing. For a list of hotels with specific features please see…
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All About – Denia

All About – Denia Denia is situated 51km North of Benidorm, about a 45 minute drive it is set on the northern edge of the Alicante region and backed by the impressive mountains of the the Montgo Natural Park. The Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Christians have all left their mark on the seaside resort of Denia…
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How to – Overcome your fear of flying.

How to – Overcome your fear of flying. Research shows around 25 per cent of people have a fear of flying, while for 10 per cent that fear is a phobia. According to 2016 figures, air travel is safer than it has ever been. Fear of flying can range from mild anxiety to downright debilitating,…
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All about – Ontinyent, Pou Clar Water Falls

Ontinyent, Pou Clar Water Falls Ontinyent is about 1 hour 30 minutes drive (124km) from Benidorm there are a couple of different routes you can take which will be listed below. Ontinyent is a municipality in the province of Valencia of Spain. It is actually located in the comarca of Vall d’Albaida. Former World No.…
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Air Passenger Rights

Air Passenger Rights What to do if an airline cancels your flight at home or abroad. Flight rights – what you need to know If your flight is covered by EU law, your airline must let you choose between two options: 1. Receive a refund You can get your money back for all parts of…
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Traveling by plane with a mobility scooter or wheelchair

Traveling by plane with a mobility scooter or wheelchair Useful tips when traveling by plane with your mobility scooter or wheelchair. The first thing you should know is that the airline is required to check- in free of charge your wheelchair or electric mobility scooter. The assistance service at the airport is also free of…
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How To – Cope with Airport Delays

How To – Cope with Airport Delays Nothing throws a wrench into your travel plans quite like an airport delay. And there’s no shortage of reasons why your flight might be late: unpredictable weather, technical glitches, airport security problems, congested airways etc etc. Whether flying saucers or snowstorms are keeping you grounded, it’s important to…
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Hand Luggage Restrictions

Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports There are restrictions on what items you can take in your hand luggage and hold luggage when boarding a plane in the UK. There are different rules if you’re taking goods to sell or temporarily abroad for business reasons, for example sales samples, professional equipment or musical instruments for…
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