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HOW TO VOTE IN SPAIN The European elections will take place in Spain on May 26, 2019. All European citizens over 18 years of age have the right to vote. The vote can be in person (vote in Mesa), by postal mail or even from outside Spain, according to the procedure established by the Spanish electoral…
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Voting in Spain – Changes due to Brexit

Voting in Spain British citizens living abroad who meet certain eligibility criteria can vote in some UK elections. To do so, you’ll first need to register as an overseas voter. UK nationals cannot vote in general or regional elections in Spain. In order to vote in local elections in Spain, you must be registered on the municipal register where you…
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Benidorm Seriously Voting for the 2017 awards

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED ON ALL CATEGORIES Unfortunately due to an unexpected security breach on the server, we have no other option than to declare this years polls closed.  The security breach is of a nature that would make it possible for someone to cheat.  We can see no evidence that cheating has yet occurred,…
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