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Temperatures set to plummet in the province of Alicante

Temperatures set to plummet in the province of Alicante

Temperatures set to plummet in the province of Alicante

Update 2nd December 21.00

The north coast of Alicante is on orange alert for coastal phenomena and waves of up to four meters and on yellow alert for rainfall of 20 liters in one hour and 80 liters in twelve hours

Emergency services have dealt with 102 incidents due to the storm in the province of Alicante

Updates – 2nd December 10.00

AEMET already offers some accumulated rainfall data:

Xàbia: 15.4

Paste: 14.8

Rojales: 4.8

Alicante-Elche Airport: 3.7

However, it is going to rain a lot and well expecting to collect between today and Wednesday around 80 liters per square meter on average throughout the province.

General information

After some lovely high temperatures for this time of year over the last few days unfortunately these are not set to continue with weather warnings of a drastic drop in temperature for the whole Alicante region, these are predicted to start from Monday 2nd December.

The highs of 21ºc will fall to ten degrees in some areas (lows of 12ºc predicted in Benidorm) and the drastic fall of temperature could bring heavy rains in some areas along the Mediterranean coast and further inland these are predicted for Monday, Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Alicante –
Yellow alert – HEAVY RAIN – North Coast – 06.00 until midnight Mon/Tues.
Yellow alert – ROUGH SEAS – Whole Coast – 20.00 until midnight Mon/Tues.
Valencia –
Yellow alert – HEAVY RAIN – Interior South & South Coast – 06.00 until midnight Mon/Tues.
Yellow alert – ROUGH SEAS – North coast 09.00 until 17.00 – South coast 09.00 until midnight Mon/Tues

Hopefully Benidorm itself will miss the worst of the bad weather due to the protection of the surrounding mountains, but if you are on your way here, pack appropriate clothing.

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Monday is expected to form episodes of precipitation on the north coast of Alicante,  which will extend south in the next few hours. In addition, the wind will also be another important phenomenon, with gusts of 100 km / h and waves of up to 4 meters. 
The most intense hours are expected in the municipalities of the Marina Alta, where significant amounts of rainfall will be recorded in the next few hours. “It will rain between today and tomorrow Tuesday in the province continuously but without torrentiality,”  However, the experts point out that “amounts close to 100 liters can be accumulated in 36 hours in the municipalities of the Marina Alta”. In addition, the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Although the high uncertainty in the forecast which does not allow us to specify much more for now,” as stressed by the Laboratory of Climatology of Alicante, we are advised not rule out precipitation in the form of snow in the mountains. Experts point out that there is still “high uncertainty in the forecast”.

Benidorm itself has not seen snow for many years (approximately 80), but back in January 2017 we did see very heavy hail stones, which looked like it had in fact snowed and social media went mad stating it had “snowed” in Benidorm.

Photo by Benidorm Seriously member Annette van der Voort‎ 17th January 2017

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