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The Benidorm Seriously Social Club - Our New Social Media Stream, Check it out NOW

The Benidorm Seriously Social Club - Over two years ago we announced our intention to create a new service within Benidorm Seriously to improve the standard of what we can offer our members. 

Facebook has often been very restrictive for us.  We always have to do things their way.  Believe it or not there have been days throughout the pandemic when we have had to withhold information until the next day, because Facebook decided we had told you enough for one day.  In fact one of our admin has been blocked from Facebook for one month due to excessive action on the group.   Their automated systems can not tell the difference between information and spam.  It seems we are a victim of our own success.

    We have often said within admin, "Wouldn't it be better if we could do it our way?".

Now we can.  

With our new Social Media Stream - The Benidorm Seriously Social Club we can offer our members a much more comprehensive service to cater for your holiday in Benidorm, or to help with rules and regulations for those who live here.  Some of the new features we have included are

  • Instant automated approval.  No need to wait for admin to approve your post.
  • Easy sharing links so you can ask your question of this Group and the Facebook Group at the same time.  Your question can still be seen by everyone
  • Filter controls so you can decide what you do or do not want to see on the group
  • Ranking System for members.  With this you will be able to tell if the person who answers your question is a two week per year holiday maker or someone who really knows Benidorm
  • We have simulated the services offered by expensive dating sites and offered them here for our solo travellers absolutely free.
  • The VIP Lounge, offering a superior 24/7 service for a small annual cost (currently not in operation)
  • A Monthly draw for Vouchers to spend with any of our sponsors.  The higher your activity within the Group and Website, the more entries you have in the draw.

CHECK IT OUT NOW   (Note. You will need to log in to see it, but if not registered already, registering with Facebook can complete your registration very quickly.)

Is this intended to replace the Facebook Group?

No it is intended as an alternative for those who are becoming disillusioned with Facebooks constant changes, that are not always for the better. However we do recommend all members make note that it is here should it ever become a problem contacting us on the group

Do I have to pay?

No, Just like the Facebook group it is free to use. In fact We may pay you, see our question below regarding the monthly draw. We do have one optional subscription service to join the VIP lounge, but that will offer a superior service including a 24/7 helpline for holiday makers for a very small annual fee. When logged into the site the Read More link will take you to the VIP Lounge.

Is it better than Facebook?

The admin team can offer a much faster service on this group without Facebook restrictions. We also enable you to have much more control of what you see or do not see. All posts are instantly approved and should your question be answered by a member who is not admin, you will have the ability to check their level of knowledge

Can I be a member of both Groups?

Yes of course. You also do not need to post questions twice to get answers from both groups. If you post first to the new social feed it is very easy to share your question to the Facebook group as well

Is this a Dating Site?

Yes, If you want it to be. It does have the facilities to find like minded people interested in love and romance in Benidorm or solo travellers just looking for company. When logged in the the site the Read more link will take you to this area

Can I create my own Group of Benidorm Friends?

Yes. We also hope to enable the ability to organise events and set up calendars etc for meet ups with friends within your group

How do I accumulate rank in the Group?

This group has automated pre approval, so your questions will reach the group instantly. When a member answers the question with correct information, the site records that. In that way the group is able to detect which members really know Benidorm and which don't. Your rank will therefore increase over time as we become confident you are able to answer a question for a member with the same degree of accuracy as the admin team

What are badges?

Badges are simply a fun way to show group activity. You can earn badges by uploading pictures or videos or voting on polls for example. Writing reviews in the Business Directory will not only accumulate Badges but will also increase your ranking within the group much faster as it demonstrates knowledge of Benidorm and is also extremely helpful to other members

Are there any members already?

When we first announced the intention to set this group up over two years ago, we invited people to sign up and follow our progress. There are already over 7,000 members signed up. You can sign up on the Read more link.

Is there a Monthly Draw?

Yes, we have decided for fun to include a monthly draw for members. Entries in the draw will be determined by website activity. The more active on the site and group the more entries in the draw for that month. The prizes will be vouchers to spend with any of our sponsors. The values of the prizes will increase as the activity of the members increases

Can I ask my own question?

Yes, Send us an email. Common questions will be added to this section

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Benidorm Seriously Social Club


The Benidorm Seriously Social Club, Vouchers

The Benidorm Seriously Social Club are giving away free vouchers every month to spend with any of our Sponsors.

For May we have 3 x 10€ vouchers to give away

To win, all you need to do is use the website.  In exchange for helping members and admin by Asking and Answering Questions on the website (The Benidorm Social Club) you will be entered in to draw.

Each activity is worth one entry with additional entries available for reviews left on the Business Directory.


In simple terms the more active you are on both the website and in particular the Benidorm Social club the more entries you will obtain in the monthly draw, so comment on ongoing posts, ask and answer questions, post photos, join the other internal groups available and for additional entries leave reviews on any Business Directory Listing.

Terms and conditions - 

You must be a registered website user to avail of this offer.

Vouchers can only be redeemed with ONE of our Sponsors, this Sponsor must be chosen prior to collection of your voucher.

Find a full list of our CURRENT SPONSORS HERE

Monthly winners will be notified on the Benidorm Social Club, you must respond within 28 days advising us where you wish to use your voucher.  If a response is not received within this time frame the voucher will be null and void.

Vouchers must be collected from the Benidorm Seriously Office.

Vouchers can not be exchanged for euros.

No change will be given on Vouchers.

Vouchers must be spent in one single transaction. 

Vouchers may only be used by the person named, they are non transferrable.

Points are only allocated for activity on the website and the Benidorm Social Club (this is nothing to do with the Facebook group)

The number of points allocated for each activity is at the discretion of Benidorm Seriously and can be changed without notice.

The draw will be done electronically at the end of each month, remember the more active you are the more entries you will have.

Benidorm Seriously admin will not be entered into the draw.

Sponsors are eligible for the draw, but any prize will be given as a discount against future sponsorship.

Vouchers are non refundable and have a face value which may differ each month.

The decision of Benidorm Seriously re the winners each month is Final and not up for discussion/debate.

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