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The Benidorm Seriously World Cup

The Benidorm Seriously World Cup

YOU & BUSY BEES.  It could be WIN/WIN

Are you Benidorm Seriously´s greatest Football Pundit?  Would you put money on it?  We hope so.

Join in our new World Cup prediction game and help us raise some money for the Busy Bees Charity at the same time.

(Please note, this game is intended as a fun fund raiser.  Please enter it in the same spirit)

How to enter.  Just register on the site and you´re in.  If you have already registered, tell us and we will add your name into the pool.

You can enter for free and enjoy the fun, or Contribute to the prize fund and be eligible for a cash prize from the fund.  Or simply give a donation to Busy Bees and switch over from the World Cup and watch Eastenders.  The choice is yours

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