The top 10 ways holidaymakers make their money go further

Weigh down hand luggage, rather than suitcase, to avoid extra baggage charge: A fifth (21%) put heavy items in their hand luggage or buggy to avoid excess baggage charges.

Wear extra clothes to avoid excess baggage charge: 15% wear extra clothes such as jumpers and coats on a flight to avoid excess baggage charges. Young people are the most likely to do this.

Sleep on transport/at the airport to avoid paying for accommodation: One in ten (10%) sleep on transport or at the airport to avoid paying for accommodation. Unsurprisingly, younger age groups were almost twice as likely to do this than over 55s.

Avoid expensive in-flight refreshments: A third (36%) take their own food on flights to avoid expensive in-flight food, but those living in the Northern Ireland are particularly savvy, with half taking a packed lunch on flights (50%).

Breakfast buffet lunch thieves: A third (34%) admit to the old favourite of taking food from the breakfast buffet for lunch.

“Don’t forget, you are 4 not 5 today!”: One in ten (10%) lie about their child or children’s age to get cheaper entry into an attraction, show or event.

Freebies from the hotel room: The most popular money-saving trick is taking hotel freebies, such as shampoo and conditioner, with nearly half (47%) doing this.

Eat in less touristy areas rather the pay the premium of attraction / sea front: There can be a big price difference for a meal with a view, and a third (36%) are happy to do without.

Book activities online when away to get the best prices: Nearly a third (32%) book activities online in advance to save money.

Drink own alcohol before going out: A quarter (25%) drink alcohol they have bought with them, or from a supermarket, before going out to save money.

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How many of the above have you done and what other money saving ideas do you have? comment below.

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