Three arrested for street/beach robberies in Benidorm

The National Police have arrested three people in Benidorm for thefts during the summer. The detainees, two women and one man, are not related and each acted on their own. Those arrested are allegedly charged with several crimes.

Despite each acting on their own, their modus operandi and the choice of victims was similar. The detainees, all registered in other locations, moved to Benidorm with the sole intention of committing theft. Their victims were all foreign and elderly tourists.

The police belonging to the Judicial Police Brigade attached to the Benidorm Police Station, acted on complaints received, and began investigations and inquiries to identify the thieves.

The detained man is allegedly charged, among other things, with the subtraction of two bags on one of the best-known beaches in Benidorm, taking advantage of the carelessness of two foreigner tourists.

Take care of your possessions whilst on the beach

One of the women detained was recognized for the alleged  theft of a wallet from a pedestrian of foreign nationality taking advantage of her reduced mobility, to whom she offered her help.  This is a common ploy used.

The third arrested, is allegedly involved in the theft of a high-end phone from a tourist who was sitting on a terrace at a bar, and who approached with a written cardboard requesting help,  he  placed  this on top of the phone where it was then easily picked up without the person noticing, this is again a common MO used by thieves.  Do NOT fall for this scam

All detainees have been made available to the Benidorm Court.

Stay SAFE in Benidorm 

If you are a victim of a crime please report the incident so the police can investigate

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