Three arrested for selling mojitos with faecal remains on the beaches of Barcelona

News reported in Elmundo Newspaper  so translated from Spanish

The Guardia Civil and the Local Police detained on Tuesday three people accused of illegally selling mojitos to tourists on the beaches of Barcelona. The sale itself, although illegal, is the least important part. The reason they have been arrested is that fecal bacteria have been found in the drinks.

These findings are not new, back in August the Local Police already confiscated several drinks from the street/beach vendors which contained fecal material. Specifically, substances that could transmit E.Coli, a bacterium from the intestine of humans or animals . In essence, faecal remains, which can cause alimentary infections.

Yes this incident happened in Barcelona, but we have beach sellers here in Benidorm and highlights yet another reason why you should not use these people but use the local bars instead, more information about Benidorm´s beach sellers  HERE - benidorm beach vendors



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