Three months given to work out the demolition of Gemelos 28

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Three months given to work out the demolition of Gemelos 28

Three months given to work out the demolition of Gemelos 28

Original article by  Diario Informacion so some information may be lost in translation

The Spanish supreme court have now given the Valencian government just three months to say how and when they are going to pay the 100 million euros (this figure includes compensation to apartment owners), for the demolition of the Gemelos 28 buildings situated on a headland in Benidorm know as Punta Llisera,

Gemelos 28 were built just over a decade ago and comprise of two identical towers, 22 floors high with a total of 168 luxury apartments, built just a few meters from the sea on what is known as Punta Llisera, in the Rincon de Loix area of ​​Benidorm. Part of the complex was built invading the 20 meters area of ​​maritime-terrestrial servitude that marks the “Law of Coasts”,  the reason for which at that time it was declared illegal.  These have been classed as out of order since 2012, when a ruling by this same court annulled the building license granted by the Consell in 2005 for contravening the Coastal Law. Now, a ruling of the First Section of the Chamber of Contentious-Administrative of the TS, dated on November 22, considers unjustified the appeals filed by the regional attorney and the promoter which was one of the last ways to try and save the towers.

The Supreme Court (SC) has rejected the last two appeals brought by the Generalitat Valenciana and commercial Terras de l’Horta SL, a subsidiary of Buildings Calpe-,  along with a group of owners, to try to save them from demolition. but yesterday it was announced by the Consell that the high  has court rejected the resources presented. Or, in other words, after the Supreme courts decision the last bridges have been burnt to try to save the towers from the “pickaxes”..

Once the judicial route has been finalized  there will be no other option than to undertake, the demolition of these two buildings, the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Vertebration of the Territory has already begun to make numbers. And the numbers show a monumental result for the Autonomous Treasury. “Taking into account the demolition, the cost of this disastrous operation will exceed one hundred million euros,” said sources of the Consell yesterday, who recalled that the towers of Punta Llisera are “one more case of deferred deferred and poisoned heritage that they have left the previous governments of the PP and that now we are paying all the Valencians ».

Budget credit

In order to be able to face the cost that this procedure will entail, the Generalitat will not have to change its budgets in order to dispose of those close to one hundred million in the 2019 accounts, as the ruling requires. In fact, in addition to ordering the demolition project to be submitted to the court within a maximum period of three months, the order for the final execution of the judgment issued by the Supreme Court also requires the Ministry to submit a forecast of the cost of the demolition, after which it grants another three months of time to qualify the budgetary credit necessary to throw down the complex.

From Public Works explained yesterday that work has already begun to calculate what was the purchase price of all the elements that now have to be demolished. And they have recalled that an initial estimate amounted to 72 million euros, which then rose to an amount that could exceed one hundred.

Why will it cost so much?

The bulk of the expenditure that the Generalitat will have to spend will be to meet the compensation. The flats went to the market before the crisis with starting prices that ranged between 460,000 and 720,000 euros and the courts have assumed at all times that their owners acquired them in good faith, assuming that the project was legal.

Hence, in the judgment, the magistrates recognized their right to be compensated for all the money they invested, plus an additional 20%. Pulling low and taking care that the 168 homes were acquired at the most “economic” price, the result of the operation would rise above 92 million, without the compensation for garages, common areas of the building or with the execution of the demolition itself of the skyscrapers, which could exceed by itself the ten million euros.

Environmental protection

As they already expressed in their day before the courts, from the Ministry yesterday stressed that another of the complications that could have the demolition is in environmental matters, because the towers adjoin the natural park of the Serra Gelada and are located few meters from the sea, which could also cause damage to marine fauna and flora. For this reason, they pointed out that in order to execute the demolition, the impact of the demolition will be taken into account in its surroundings.


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