Three people arrested for Drug Trafficking in Benidorm

What happens in Benidorm happens here

Three people arrested for Drug Trafficking in Benidorm

Three people arrested for Drug Trafficking in Benidorm

Three people arrested, cocaine, hashish and marijuana seized as a result of operations against drug trafficking.

Source – www.diarioinformacion.com, story translated from Spanish so some information may be lost in translation.  Read the original story HERE

The National Police have dismantled an organisation dedicated to the trafficking of narcotic substances in Benidorm and have arrested three people accused of committing the crime of drug trafficking. Two anti-drug operations were carried out, and agents seized large amounts of cocaine, hashish and marijuana.

At the end of November, police officers learned of the existence of a flat in Benidorm, where its residents could be distributing and selling various types of narcotic substances.

With this information, the investigators carried out several investigations that determined that inside the same three people were in charge of guarding and selling cocaine, marijuana and hashish. The agents also saw how many people came constantly and 24 hours a day to the home, where they stayed for a few minutes and then left with some doses of narcotic drugs.

Once the investigators identified the three alleged perpetrators, they established a police device aimed at locating all of them, which ended with the arrest of the three people and a house search.

In one of the arrests, the agents found in a hidden way between the belongings of the detainee almost 400 euros in cash, more than 50 grams of cocaine and about two grams of hashish, which allegedly intended to sell.

The operations against “drug trafficking” intensify

Over the Christmas period, the National Police intensified police controls and interventions aimed at suppressing the traffic of narcotic substances in the town of Benidorm.

Taking advantage of the large influx of people, these environments become the perfect setting for all types of criminals, including those who seek to profit from the sale of narcotic substances. For this reason, special security devices composed of plainclothes and uniforms agents, aimed at the dismantling of organisations dedicated mainly to retail, were reinforced at this time. In this sense, inspections are encouraged in premises and leisure establishments to prevent and avoid any illegal transaction of narcotic substance.

Details of earlier Drugs Operations can be found here



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