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Three women arrested by the police for using sex in order to steal

Three women arrested by the police for using sex in order to steal

Three women arrested by police for using sex in order to steal

The Policia National have arrested three women in Benidorm of Romanian nationality between the ages of 29 and 32.  They have been accused of committing the crime of fraud, theft and belonging to a criminal group.  Police agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of Benidorm were investigating  these three women who allegedly made theft, scams and fraud their way of life.

Story source – www.diarioinformacion.com  Read the original Spanish Press release HERE.  Some information my be lost in Translation

Men were approached by the three women with the pretext of offering sex,  they used  superficial touches to take advantage and remove items of value being carried by the victims. This is a old fashioned and well used ploy, more information can be found HERE

Another way they proceed was to entice the victims to have sexual relations. If the victims did not have enough cash, they offered to accompany them to an ATM where they would observe the user entering the PIN code. Once the operation had been completed they returned to make superficial touches to distract them and removed  wallets without being noticed. With the cards and the PIN code in their possession, they subsequently made unauthorized cash withdrawals and card charges.

By using these means, they allegedly managed to steal about 1,500 euros from their last victim. The police identified the three presumed thieves, established a search that ended on June 20th and made three arrests.

After the arrests, those arrested were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number two on duty in Benidorm. The investigation has been carried out by agents of the Police Station of the National Police of Benidorm.


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