Tighter restrictions being considered

Tighter restrictions being considered 

Spanish Covid News - Tighter restrictions are once again being considered for some regions, and Benidorm could be included in these. 

23rd November, further meetings to discuss both tighter restrictions and covid passports etc are expected to take place Thursday/Friday 

These new restrictions could mean closing interiors of bars and restaurants at 23.00 and the closure of nightclubs at 01.00.  

The Public Health Commission, in which the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health are represented, will debate this afternoon whether to recommend the closure of the interior of the hotel industry from 23.00 hours if you are in a territory at medium risk of covid and with high hospital pressure.

The proposal, as confirmed by health sources, would be activated when the cumulative incidence of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants due to covid was exceeded and there was considerable care pressure in hospitals and intensive care unit (ICU) beds.  The current rate is of 133 cases per 100,000 in our region (Alicante), with places like Benidorm at around three times that. 

"It is about giving more relevance to the hospital situation in the evolution of the pandemic. The key point is the hospital issue, because right now most infections occur in children under 11 years of age, who do not go to the hospital, "explain these sources, who specify that it is "practically" the same 'traffic light' of measures that was discussed last week in the Commission, although finally no agreement was reached.

ALL current rules in place for the Valencian Community can be found HERE

Tighter restrictions being considered

The document that will be debated today, proposed by the Alert Paper, also includes the proposal to close nightlife at 01.00 hours, and always dancing with a mask. In hospitality establishments, such as restaurants, bars or cafes, the maximum occupancy of the tables should also be restricted up to 10 people or 50 percent of the capacity in interior areas.

In the case of high risk areas, when there is an incidence above 300 and the care pressure is even greater, the proposal to be debated states that the interiors of the hotel industry would not be closed, but could open at 25 percent capacity, with six people per table but closing at 23.00 hours. At extreme risk, with an incidence above 500, the interior of the hotel industry would be closed.

With this update, Spain would be at medium risk in terms of the cumulative incidence at 14 days, since it is above 100, but would not meet the parameters in hospital occupancy, which still remains at 2.33 percent in the case of hospital beds and 5.70% in ICUs.

On the other hand, the Commission will treat vaccination with a third dose to those over 60 and health and social care personnel, as agreed last week by the Vaccine Presentation and announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

More news will follow.

Covid Passports 

In a statement yesterday 21st November, President of our region Ximo Puig has said that the so called "covid passports" to enter certain types of situations and places will come into operation "In the next few days". Full details of what situations and businesses will have to ask for proof of vaccination before entry have not been detailed yet, but he has previously mentioned "The nightlife and leisure industry" We will know more very soon.

Today 23rd November the Valencian government state that the "legal work" to implement the planned Covid passport which will be needed to enter certain situations of premises, is due to be presented in the next few days. the aim is to have the "Covid passport" scheme up and running before the next fiesta, Constitution day, on December 6th. Other regions such as neighbouring Cataluña already have a system in operation.

To obtain the covid passport in the Valencian Community you must access the page enabled by the Generalitat  https://coronavirusregistro.san.gva.es/sipcovid19/certificadoDigitalUE?language=es

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English, read the original article HERE at lasprovincias.es

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