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What happens in Benidorm happens here

Hotels with Spa Facilities

Hotels with Spa Facilities Many hotels in Benidorm have Spa Facilities that are open to Non Residents for a additional charge, generally around 15-20€ If you click on the hotel name you can also see our members reviews. Agir Ambassador Playa Deloix Aqua Centre Dynastic Gran Bali Levante Club and Spa Melia Melia Villaitana Port…
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Hotels with Heated or Covered Swimming Pools

Hotels with Heated or Covered Pools INFORMATION PROVIDED BY BENIDORM SERIOUSLY FACEBOOK GROUP MEMBERS By clicking on each hotel name you can also read our members reviews. Ambassador (covered in winter) Benidorm Plaza (covered) Deloix Aqua (as pictured) Don Pancho  Heated pool Dynastic Flamingo Oasis (all inclusive so residents only to our knowledge unless you purchase a…
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Benidorm Beach – Disabled Facilities

Benidorm Beach – Disabled Facilities ACCESSIBLE BEACH POINT An accessible beach point is an area where the disabled can gain access to the beaches and the sea via adequate  infrastructures such as accessible public transport, reserved parking spaces and other elements such as access ramps, shaded areas and changing rooms. A specialised team is onsite…
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Traveling by plane with a mobility scooter or wheelchair

Traveling by plane with a mobility scooter or wheelchair Useful tips when traveling by plane with your mobility scooter or wheelchair. The first thing you should know is that the airline is required to check- in free of charge your wheelchair or electric mobility scooter. The assistance service at the airport is also free of…
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Taking Baby away on Holiday

Taking Baby away on Holiday Baby Milk Some UK brands of formula milk are available in Spain, but they may only be available in farmacias, and they may have a different name. Call the helpline number on your box of formula before you leave. Aptamil  = Milupa Aptamil Cow and gate = Almiron Heinz =…
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The History of Benidorm

THE HISTORY OF BENIDORM Benidorm to many people equates with a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, full of lager-crazed youths on a 15-day bender; stags and hens sleeping all day and drinking all night. Obviously if you go looking for it then you will find plenty of evidence that such activity takes place, but its mostly…
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Getting Married in Spain

Have you ever thought about getting married in Spain ?  Its easier than you think with the right help and direction.  Here in Spain there is a lot of paperwork involved for anything and a wedding in no exception…..it has a lot of different rules and regulations for many things but as a guide the…
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