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What happens in Benidorm happens here

Tabacco/Cigarette Prices

Tabacco/Cigarette Prices Please note:- These prices are for products purchased in the Spanish government controlled “Tabac” shops, . For a list of Tabacs click HERE To see what the DUTY FREE allowance is from Spain to the UK click HERE The most popular Cigarette Prices for 200 – prices updated 29/06/18 Lambert and Butler –…
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UK Passport entry requirements to Spain

UK Passport entry requirements to Spain Updated November 2018 information provided by the Uk.Gov website so is correct at time of publishing. The information on this page covers the most common types of travel and reflects the UK government’s understanding of the rules currently in place. Unless otherwise stated, this information is for travellers using…
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Google Search of Benidorm Seriously

Now you can use the power of google to search the entire Benidorm Seriously web site to find exactly what you want  

Stay Safe in Benidorm

HOW TO STAY SAFE IN BENIDORM We often hear horror stories of people who have been robbed, conned or violated in some manner while on Holiday in Benidorm.  There are even those who set out to promote these stories in the claim they are trying to help.  In reality they are frightening people and misleading…
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Medical assistance in Benidorm – Where to go, what to go

Medical Assistance in Benidorm – Where to go, what to go… Unfortunately even on holiday medical issues can arise, know what to do and where to go. The most important thing you will need is your EHIC card, this is completely FREE so no excuses not to have one, double check that yours is in…
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S.A.T.E ASSISTANCE IN BENIDORM WHAT IS S.A.T.E S.A.T.E stands for “El Servicio de Atencion al Turista Extranjero”, which roughly translates to Foreign Tourist Assistance Office.  Visitors that use this office will be attended to in English, French, German or Russian.  The Foreign Tourist Assistance Service is a police department whose role is to offer foreign…
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Help Videos – Getting the best out of the Website.

Help Videos – Getting the best out of the Website An introduction to Benidorm Seriously How to log in and leave reviews on the Benidorm Seriously web site

The Camera Shop Scam

This scam is run by small teams of con-artists (usually three Asian men). They operate out of respectable looking camera shops all around Benidorm.  We have been aware of this scam for a long time but one of our Benidorm Seriously Members became a victim a couple of weeks ago.  The shop our member used…
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Benidorm Maps

How to – Track a lost or stolen mobile phone

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Installed Tracking App  Please note that obviously as technology advances some of this information my change, so it is just a guide line  Note: In case you’re actually missing an Apple device, READ BLEOW. Have you (ever) lost your Android smartphone or tablet without having a device tracking…
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Help International Benidorm

Help in times of need. Help International Benidorm is a registered charitable organisation, with no political or religious affiliations, run by volunteers to provide help to residents and visitors in emergencies and times of need: Services offered We assist patients in hospital and pay regular visits to the housebound We assist in emergencies, providing advice…
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How to – Register for a state school in Spain

Registering for a state school in Spain When you arrive in Spain you may be looking to register your children into a Spanish state school. This can be a complex process but once you accept the Spanish way of doing things, you should be fine. The first place to go is the Culture House (Casa…
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Choosing the RIGHT Travel Insurance

YOUR GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRAVEL INSURANCE You have booked your next holiday and now it is time to start thinking about getting some travel insurance. By having the right level of cover when you travel means that you can relax and enjoy your time away, without those niggling ‘what ifs’. But choosing the…
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Stay Safe in the Sun

HOT WEATHER  YOUR GUIDE TO STAYING HEALTHY AND HAPPY IN THE HEAT Heat is the number one weather-related killer.  When the body heats too quickly to cool itself safely, or when you lose too much fluid or salt thorough dehydration or sweating, your body temperature rises and heat related illnesses may develop. Don´t let these…
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Victim of a Crime, Where to go for Assistance

VICTIM OF A CRIME IN BENIDORM  – What to do and where to go for assistance If you need urgent help from the police – or an ambulance:- dial 112, You will find a list of all emergency telephone numbers HERE All victims of crime in Spain must report the incident to the Police, this is called…
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If you are a British national and your UK passport has been lost, stolen or expired while you are abroad you can use an emergency travel document also known as ‘an emergency passport’ to leave the country you are in and return back to your destination. These can be issued on short notice whilst you…
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HOW TO AVOID HAVING YOUR DRINK SPIKED Every year across the world, hundreds of people are thought to be victims of drink spiking, where alcohol or drugs are added to someone’s drink without them knowing. In some cases, so-called ‘date rape drugs’ may be used to spike a drink before a sexual assault. Is drink spiking illegal? Drink spiking may be done…
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Money Travel Guide

MONEY TRAVEL GUIDE  The majority of us can only afford, or have the time to go away once a year, this makes it even more important to gt the best price available when you’re changing your money into a foreign currency. Getting the best deal means yo often spend less on charges and commission and…
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The Fake Petition Scam

The Fake Petition Scam DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT – JUST SAY NO AND IGNORE THEM  Thieves and scammers make a living preying on the kind hearts and naivete of tourists.  Familiarize yourself with this scams and save your money. The Deaf Mute Scam and the Fake Petition Scam typically involves women or young girls as the scammers.…
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Children in Bars – The Law

TAKING YOUR CHILDREN INTO THE BARS – The Laws We are always being asked about children in bars here in Benidorm are they allowed? This is what the Spanish Law says……. Spanish law defines anyone under 18 to be a minor. Any unaccompanied minors that come to the attention of the Spanish authorities (for whatever…
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SPANISH POLICE – WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR It can be a little confusing to most newcomers to Spain, that there are three separate Police Forces that operate, with varying responsibilities, all of whom are armed.   The Guardia Civil – Wear green uniforms and were generally feared during Franco’s era due…
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EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS The European Emergency Number 112 is not the only emergency number here in Spain. As well as 112, the following emergency numbers are available 062 – Guardia Civil 091 – National Police – Reporting robberies etc. 061 – Health emergencies 080 – Fire Service 092 – Local Police 090 – Report traffic…
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