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Category: Wildlife

YES there are officially more mosquitoes in the area

YES there are officially more mosquitoes in the area Lots of people have been suffering with more mosquito bites than normal for this time of year, this is all due to the recent rains of the Gota Fria and the rise in temperatures, where the heat has accelerated the natural cycle of the insect. Information…
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Dangerous Creepy Crawlies in Spain

Dangerous Insects & reptiles in Spain  The page has been kindly sponsored by the Blues Brothers Experience Benidorm Bees, Hornets and Wasps etc The sting from any of these insects can be very painful. Try to withdraw the sting immediately but do not use tweezers because squeezing or pressing the sting can inject more poison into the…
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New Jellyfish App Available

New Jellyfish App Available The Medusapp is used to report the presence of jellyfish and provide information about each species in the area, it has already recorded 1,300 sightings. Links to the App can be found here and are in Enlglish as well https://medusapp.net/ Medusapp logo Just a few weeks ago 2 of Benidorms beaches…
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Jellyfish and the Portugese Man of War

6th June – Warning in place for the area. The situation regarding Portuguese man of war sightings, according to the comments received, there have not been as many seen as last year, in fact only 2 cases reported currently in the Valencian community away from Benidorm. However, as we are  at the end of spring,…
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Urban Birding in Benidorm – By James Common

James Common has very kindly agreed for us to share his blog here on our website.  If you would like to follow James then you can do so HERE.   Thanks James. URBAN BIRDING IN BENIDORM November 14th 2015 So contrary to expectations, I managed to survive a week in Benidorm! Such places, jam packed with people,…
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Watch Out For Pine Caterpillars!

PROCESSIONARY PINE CATERPILLARS These Caterpillars (Thaumetopoea Pityocampa) may look cute and furry, but they are very DANGEROUS to children and especially dogs.  DO NOT TOUCH THEM. These are one of the most dangerous natural enemies to dogs and can be found all over Spain. Some have even made their way to parts of the UK:…
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Creepy Crawlies in Spain (non dangerous)

Creepy Crawlies in Spain (non dangerous insects etc) FOR INFORMATION ON DANGEROUS CREEPY CRAWLIES CLICK HERE  As in every country there are literally 1000´s of different species of insects, but these are the main ones you may come across. Cockroaches The mention of cockroaches can often make your skin crawl and your hairs stand on…
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