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TUI UPDATES. 11/03/21

We’re sorry to say the following holidays will not be operating:

Please rest assured, if your holiday has been cancelled, we’ll be contacting you soon to discuss your options.

We're working around the clock to do this and are getting in touch with customers in departure date order.

All TUI holidays departing from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, due to depart on or before 30th June 2021.

23rd February 2021 - Updated information about holiday bookings 

We’re sorry to say the following holidays will not be operating:   

Please rest assured, if your holiday has been cancelled, we’ll be contacting you soon to discuss your options. We're working around the clock to do this and are getting in touch with customers in departure date order. 

All TUI holidays departing from England, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, due to depart on or before 16 May 2021.

All TUI holidays departing from Scotland, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, due to depart on or before 7 March 2021

All TUI holidays departing from Wales, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, due to depart on or before 31 March 2021

All TUI holidays departing from Northern Ireland, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, due to depart on or before 4 May 2021

Holidays, including flight-only and accommodation-only bookings, to the below destinations due to depart on or before 31 October 2021

• Los Cabos, Mexico 
• Kvarner Bay, Croatia  

Marella Cruises sailings due to depart on or before 16 May 2021

TUI River Cruises sailings due to depart on or before 30 May 2021

TUI River Cruises sailings on TUI Isla due to depart on or before 31 October 2021

If your holiday is not listed here, we’ll be in touch with you nearer the time if your holiday is cancelled. 

Tui updates   

26th January 2021  TUI confirm further travel cancellations 

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and travel restrictions in place all TUI holidays up to and including 28th February 2021 have been cancelled.
Customers will be contacted in departure date order to discuss their options, which will include amending to another holiday with an incentive or cancelling and receiving a full refund.
We will constantly review our holiday programme in line with updated travel advice.
Please note: Customers with bookings using flights with another airline will be contacted directly by one of our team to discuss your options.

10th December 2020 - TUI boss rejects idea of turning away non-vaccinated holidaymakers

The chief executive of the holidays giant said that a policy such as that advocated recently by Qantas would be a mistake, and has rejected the idea of turning away passengers who have not had a COVID-19 vaccine.

Chief executive Fritz Joussen told reporters that turning away customers who have not had a vaccine "would be a mistake".

He insisted that testing would be "absolutely the important thing".

2nd November 2020 - TUI has cancelled all flights from England and Wales from Thursday 5th November.

The news comes after England is set to go into a second lockdown from the same date - and this will include a ban on international travel.

Meanwhile, anyone living in Wales currently is not allowed to travel abroad unless it's for a 'reasonable excuse' (a holiday won't count).

In a statement on its website, TUI explained that it will not operate any flights or holidays departing from England or Wales until the 2nd December 2020, when the England lockdown is currently expected to end.

The company said that all affected customers will be contacted and offered options including a booking incentive to amend their holiday, an ATOL-protected refund credit note with a booking incentive, or to cancel and receive a full cash refund.

TUi have introduced TUI Holiday Promise which covers many aspects and different sceneraios including what happens if you can't travel due to contracting Covid-19.  Full details HERE

Tui Updates 6th October - List of TUI's cancelled holidays to Spain for October

TUI holidays to Reus, Ibiza and Menorca due to depart on or before 31 October 2020

TUI holidays to Majorca, Malaga and Alicante due to depart on or before 16 October 2020

TUI holidays to the Canary Islands due to depart on or before 12 October 2020

Tui  Updates - 25th July 

TUI has cancelled ALL flights to Spain after new quarantine rules were announced.

TUI has cancelled all of tomorrow's flights to Spain after the UK government imposed a blanket quarantine for returning travellers. The UK's biggest operator made the move after the Govt said people returning from Spain would need to self-isolate for two weeks over Covid-19 fears

Customers currently on holiday will be able to return on their intended flight home.

Andrew Flintham, managing director of Tui UK & Ireland, made the announcement on Saturday evening 

It comes after the government added Spain and the islands to the list of at-risk countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the rules, Britons have been advised against all but essential travel to mainland Spain by the Foreign Office, however, this hasn't been applied to Canaries and the Baleariacs.

Mr Flintham assured passengers who are currently on holiday that they will be able to return on their intended flight home, while others would be contacted by Tui to arrange refunds or re-bookings.

Tui Updates - 20th June

TUI has announced a major change to their holidays by saying they will only operate flights to countries that don't require passengers to quarantine.

They shared the message in an email that went out to all customers this afternoon.

THOUSANDS of TUI customers face having their travel plans cancelled after the tour operator announced it will only fly holidaymakers to destinations that don’t have quarantine measures in place.

The update means existing bookings are at risk of being scrapped if "air bridges" aren't set up in time, while those who've yet to book their next getaway will have fewer destinations to choose from.

The travel operator said they "promise" to only take customers on quarantine-free holidays, saying: "This means we won’t travel to places where we know that you’ll need to self-isolate when you arrive or when you return home. "

This means TUI customers will only be able to go on holiday to countries that have an agreed "air bridge" with the UK

Boris Johnson is expected to announce a string of deals with a "small number" of countries to create air bridges later this month to allow quarantine-free travel, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Ministers want to set up air bridges to nations seen as "most advantageous" to the UK economy - like France, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

An air bridge is an agreement between the UK and another country that makes exception to the usual quarantine rules, and effectively secures a travel link between the two destinations.

It would allow travellers to fly between agreed upon countries, where the spread of the virus is low, and ensures they wouldn't need to quarantine upon their return.

For those wanting to go abroad, but who may be put off by quarantine rules, the air bridge offers hope of a holiday as well as the potential to give the travel and tourism sector a much needed financial boost.

The countries on that list that TUI currently fly to are; Antigua, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, St Lucia, Tunisia, Turkey and USA.

In his email to TUI customers Managing Director Andrew Flintham also outlined a series of measures under the TUI Holiday Promise to help customers begin to travel again with "total peace of mind".

These include disinfecting the aircraft cabin to making sure hotels are deep-cleaned before they reopen.

And he promises that despite all the changes and social distancing rules customers "will have a brilliant TUI holiday".

He vows: "If there are any significant changes at your hotel, resort or destination, which will stop this from happening, we won’t take you there. "

Mr Flintham said: "The last few months have been truly extraordinary and we have all had to make changes in our everyday lives.

"We've adjusted the way we shop, work and socialise – and the way we go on holiday in the future will also be a little different.

"But although we find ourselves in exceptional circumstances, we want to assure you that we will do everything we can to continue to take you on safe and enjoyable holidays."

13th May

Tui warns that up to 8,000 jobs at risk worldwide as it strives to cut costs by 30% in a major restructuring.

Travel firm Tui has pledged to "reinvent the holiday in 2020" as it seeks to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Tui said it would be reopening selected hotels in Germany "in the coming days", with its operations in other European destinations also ready to welcome holidaymakers.

In the UK, the Foreign Office is still advising against all non-essential foreign travel, with no indication of when the policy might change.  Border Updates

Tui chief executive Fritz Joussen said: "The demand for holidays is still very high. People want to travel.  The company should "emerge from the crisis stronger".

But added: "It will be a different Tui and it will find a different market environment than before the pandemic.

"This will require cuts: in investments, in costs, in our size and our presence around the world.

"We must be leaner than before, more efficient, faster and more digital."



0 # Julia Mcintyre 2020-12-11 12:50
Information a moth ago from tui was if we had to self isolate on arrival or returning home flights would be cancelled and refund given to all. Why the change?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Tracy Ann 2020-12-11 15:10
You would still have to be in quarantine and follow all the UK rules upon your return and of course follow all the rules with regards to entering Spain.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # mrshelenjones@rocket 2020-10-06 17:39
its a pity you carnt inform polka dot wrexham that my hotel is closed and will be until next year im getting fobed off im sick of it my hotel was flamingo oais iand we were going on the 15 dec but travel agent wont do anything untillthey here from tui it goes to show you dont get any thing for being a loyal tui customer im sorely tempeted to contact bbc x ray very unhappy
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Tracy Ann 2020-10-06 19:06
So sorry to hear that Helen, I hope you manage to get something sorted out soon.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Pam Price 2020-06-15 09:26
Other flight carriers not resuming till.July 15 so expect dates to change yet again
We are booked to travel.July 14 so could be affected but sadly resort not allowing dates to be changed
So really frustrating now not knowing what will happen
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Elaine McBain 2020-06-12 18:06
Im very disappointed as have not received anything about the hen party booked for may 22nd flying from Edinburgh to Tenerife for 4nights have tried calling but never get through now at my wits end as dont know what’s happening about refund
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