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Two detained in Benidorm for robbing a hotel with a firearm

Two detained in Benidorm for robbing a hotel with a firearm

Two detained in Benidorm for robbing a hotel with a firearm

After stealing 300 euros the 2 thieves left the security guard and  receptionist locked up in an office and fled on a motorcycle. 

The National Police have arrested two men as alleged perpetrators of a robbery committed in a hotel in Benidorm, the incident took place last October, where they were dressed with helmets, coats and gloves and presumably threatened the Security Guard and receptionist of the hotel with a revolver type firearm to obtain 300 euros in cash.

Story Reported in www.diarioinformacion.com and therefore translated from Spanish to English, so some details may be lost in translation.  Read the original story HERE.

*Please note NO hotel has been named presumably as this is an on-going investigation.*

The events took place during the early hours of October 1st 2018, when a warning alerted the police of a possible robbery in a hotel in Benidorm, where two people with helmets, coats and gloves.

Once they obtained a loot of 300 euros in cash, they allegedly locked up both workers in a hotel office and fled on a motorcycle.

When the Police arrived at the scene they gathered all kinds of information about what happened and interviewed anyone who witnessed what happened, providing all the inquiries to the group in charge of the subsequent investigation.

The Police began an investigation and checked the video surveillance cameras in the hotel in order to be able to identify the alleged perpetrators, as well as to study the possible routes of escape that they could take once they achieved their objective.

As a result of these investigations, one of the alleged robbers was  identified. Months later the Police had also identified the other alleged perpetrator, who was detained on April 4th 2019 in Villajoyosa  both men have accused of committing allegedly a violent robbery.

Drug seized.

After the arrests were made three homes were searched in the town of Villajoyosa, where Police intervened, among other effects, about 15 grams of cocaine, 300 grams of marijuana , several pills of ecstasy, precision scales and many tools for processing and preparation of narcotic substances.

The detainees, Spanish men of 35 and 49 years, are due to appear in Court.

The investigation and arrests were carried out by the National Police of Benidorm.


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