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UK based Ryanair have voted for strike action

UK based Ryanair have voted for strike action

20th August – Strike Update – Ryainair to seek High Court Injunction to halt Strike

Directly-employed Ryanair pilots in Ireland will strike for 48 hours on August 22-23 in a long-running dispute over pay and working conditions.

Pilots in the Forsa/IALPA trade union voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action last week after accusing Ryanair of stalling on talks since pay demands were submitted in late March.

In addition, pilots employed by Ryanair in the UK who are members of the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) have voted for strike action on 22 and 23 August and three more on 2, 3 and 4 September. (Details of the Spanish strikes HERE 

If Ryanair is successful in its High Court Injunction, it means the proposed strikes will not go ahead. However, if unsuccessful, it is likely the strikes will go ahead as planned unless the airline can find an agreement with the unions.

BALPA recently revealed that Ryanair is seeking a High Court Injunction on Wednesday in an effort to stop industrial action from taking place. The union claims that as a result, the airline’s “chance to resolve the dispute involving their pilots has been lost.”

Ryanair’s Chief People Officer Eddie Wilson has said that the airline cannot concede to the pilots’ “grossly unreasonable demands.”

Millions of passengers are expected to fly with Ryanair on the scheduled strike days. However, because the airline uses crews based in France, Spain, Italy and elsewhere for flights to and from British airports, it is thought not many flights serving the UK will be affected.

But the IALPA strike could disrupt the plans of thousands of travellers looking to fly between the UK and Ireland over the busy bank holiday.

Ryanair should inform its passengers over text or email if their flight has been affected by strike action.

7th August – UK-based Ryanair pilots have voted to strike in a row over pay and conditions.

In July, the budget airline reported a sharp fall in quarterly profits to 21%, due to higher costs for fuel and staff, and reduced ticket prices.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) has announced two walkouts.

The first strike will be for 48 hours from 22-23 August, while the second strike will be for 60 hours from 2-4 September.

Balpa said its members have many disagreements with the airline, including over pensions, loss of license insurance, maternity benefits, allowances and pay structure.

The union said it had decided to strike because of “decades of Ryanair refusing to deal with unions”.

“We have had no formal offer from Ryanair and it is imperative that we resolve this dispute urgently to avoid strike action,” said Balpa’s general secretary Brian Strutton.

“No pilot wants to spoil the public’s travel plans but at the moment it seems we have no choice.”


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I feel this is so wrong if you don’t like working for this company change your job
It awful for the Customer when you stike and when this has happened to me in the past it is heartwrenching when you have children with you who are excited about the start of holidays and you have to tell them we can’t go

Russell Pitman
Russell Pitman

Thought I would give Ryan Air a chance to see if they were as good as easy jet.Bad decision booked to fly from birmingham on 22 to Benidorm

fay murdy
fay murdy

Why do ppl complain about how much they get paid? If u go in to a job u know how much the wage is I’m on £8.21 an hour we fly with Ryanair all the time, but some ppl can only afford 1 holiday a year and if it falls on the days of the strike there holiday is in ruins,