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Slow Service by Donny Armstrong, 18 January 2019

We didn't like China Garden. Dirty table cover, very very slow service (everyone's food arrived at different times apart from one starter which arrived with the main course!). Not impressed. They gave us a complimentary bottle of wine. We thanked them nicely but said we didn't want to carry it around with us and left it.

by , 12 November 2019
Members reviews by Jill Shail, 5 July 2018

Joshua Brian 5th July 2018

Oh my goodness went china garden just out of town bout 15 min walk from marina it was amazing 3 courses for 6 euro and really nice too

by , 12 November 2019
Excellent food and service by Steve Mango, 13 March 2018

Are you sure you were in China Garden Mark? I go to China Garden and enjoyed every meal. The service has always been good and orders taken within minutes of sitting down. There are enough staff to cope with the amount of customers. I live close by to China Garden and have visited this restaurant every week for years. Excellent food and service.

by , 12 November 2019
Mark Hughes by Admin, 7 February 2018

Just now · Northampton, United Kingdom
What a total dissapointment
1. Squeeze em in but don't tell em it's nearly an hours wait for food.
2. Staff at an absolute bare minimum.
3. Mrs *nice to see you again is not very genuine. I see your food in kitchen it ready now.
4. How many times do you need to order a vodka an orange before you get one with vodka in it.
5. wrong order delivered.
6. Yeah got me noodles counting down till my beef turns up (currently at 5 min cold noodles).
7. Noodles gone back beef getting cold waiting for noodles. This could go on and on.
8 still no main for one of the kids.
9. Never again
10. Out of a possible 10 I will give it a generous -5.

by , 12 November 2019
Karen Gale by Admin, 7 February 2018

I been going there for years never had a bad meal...always get what you pay for after all its cheap as.....was very shocked when i read that review I must say

by , 12 November 2019
Paula Graham by Admin, 7 February 2018

I was in there just yesterday and the food was fine, been going there for years, you get a great service for what you pay for, why is everyone moaning and running it down ????
I stand tall ( even if I’m alone) and say 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 for service, food, and ambiance !!

by , 12 November 2019
Mike Watt by Admin, 7 February 2018

For cheap food it’s good €5.50 for 3 courses and a bottle of wine , where else apart from others Chinese restaurants can you get that deal, and certainly not in the UK

by , 12 November 2019
Ann Gary Fishwick by Admin, 7 February 2018

Gone there for years when I lived there went regular but I have to admit went with my husband in September the portions was small the curry was watery went again in November with 2 friends who live there give it another chance my friend pointed out one of the cooks wad smoking in the kitchen we couldn't believe it the food was still not as good as it used to be such a shame because we've had some great times in there xx

by , 12 November 2019
Mandy Elliott by Admin, 7 February 2018

We’ve been twice in the last two weeks with different people and each time we’ve been was treated very well we had food from the special menu and it was delicious all ten people enjoyed the food and the drinks, the staff are so pleasant and the price of it is very cheap so sorry for all those that haven’t enjoyed the experience, we aim to go back before we leave for home.

by , 12 November 2019
Jean Brown by Admin, 7 February 2018

We used to go there from time to time and taking into account how cheap it was and thought it was OK. The last time we went it was very poor and in my opinion although cheap very down hill. We would not go back. I see it gets a lot of good reviews still,but in my opinion for not a lot more there is much better food in Benidorm and slightly further afield

by , 12 November 2019
great place for a quick bite to eat by Gary Davies, 7 February 2018

the meal offer is great, food is ok for the money and free vino helps. would recommend,

by , 12 November 2019
Yian Jones by Admin, 6 February 2018 Look I may be fussy but the Chinese garden restaurant was awful salty over cooked rubbish. The best bit was the prawn crackers the noodles where tagliatelle the pancake roll was flat soft . The sauces where salty no flavour ,the chicken processed , can’t believe that you can’t even get fresh Chinese So sad , charge more give quality. Terrible, they where mending three tables as we where sitting there my marks for the China garden 2/10 very poor Such a shame
by , 12 November 2019