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Julie Hodge
Will be returning by Julie Hodge, 20 July 2019 We came back from there this week and thoroughly enjoyed it, we will be back!
by Julie Hodge, 28 January 2020
Paul Ursell
Upgrade info by Paul Ursell, 15 July 2019 You can also upgrade to gold which allows you to drink branded spirits, bottles beers and better wines. You can also use the swim up bar. From memory I think it cost me 11 euros last year. You can upgrade to gold at any time but it must be for the duration of your stay and for the whole family.
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by Paul Ursell, 28 January 2020
John Wright
Not good as a solo traveller by John Wright, 15 July 2019 i stayed there a couple of years ago as a single traveller. They put me in the ocas in a "family room with no balcony and a window that only opened by 6 inches. They wanted an extra 80 euros to move to a room with a balcony. they were doing the same to everyone i spoke to
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by John Wright, 28 January 2020
James Jacob
Air conditioning in rooms? by James Jacob, 8 June 2019 Fishing for reviews for the air conditioning in Sol Pelicanos rooms
Just arrived after a 1 hour queue to check in 😵 to arrive in a poor air conditioning room, with the smallest moldy fridge ever (good job we had wet wipes)
Please rate room a/c below👇
0 - very poor
1 - blowing a/c but still not cold
2 - room is getting cold just!
3 - not having any issues.
4 - very cold, even had to turn is off or a slower speed.
by James Jacob, 28 January 2020
Kim Armstrong
Great hotel by Kim Armstrong, 21 May 2019 Just back last week and stayed in Ocas part of hotel. Beautiful hotel and clean and spotless and lovely room with balcony. Pools are fab especially the bigger one at sol Pelicanos and plenty of sunbeds available. The food I thought was lovely with plenty of variety every night and hotel in a great central location. Will definitely be back.
by Kim Armstrong, 28 January 2020
Barry Gutteridge
Lovely Hotel by Barry Gutteridge, 6 April 2019 Just back from Benidorm stayed at the Sol Pelicanos great holiday lovely hotel which we have stayed in before just one tip don't go in the ocas part as you might be looking at brick walls go for the Pelicanos pool room view
by Barry Gutteridge, 28 January 2020
Jason Smith
Worst ever by Jason Smith, 17 March 2019 Just come bk from sol pelicanos worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at in 25 years off holidaying abroad ....pontins was better !
So firstly let’s say we all have different views , some agree some will dis agree !
The food.... when you have to take ur breakfast from the buffet and put it in the microwave to get it hot , says something . The dinners meat was raw , pork dripping with blood , chefs rushing to get it on the trays as not prepared , staff on the entrance unless u are over 60 or Spanish , very rude never smiled to you. There was one younger guy who was always friendly wasin ocas side at breakfast , always smiling and talked to you .
Room....was ok , but dirty , balcony was filthy, bathroom stains on the ceiling and walls, nice maids , would help out when asked , tipped them , though we had to take our own toilet roll off their trolly !
Entertainment.....good shows , but the team were poor , hardly see them smile never gave u the time of day...hotels I’ve been to before they would walk around say hello , some even sit and chat with you , I’ve had some sit with us at dinner ! Personal touch make holidays.
Bar..... very poor , not drinks wise , but staff looked at ur wrists to see if ur AI , if u are they served others 1st.....it’s about the tips !
On a plus.....
Deffo the best pool I’ve ever seen in a hotel , I even got in (March) wish I hadn’t 😁😁
But sadly I have to give 1 outa 5 , sol pelicanos is living off the tv show benidorm and they know it !
Thanks for reading
J x
WiFi good
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by Jason Smith, 28 January 2020
Garry Ashwood
My 50th Birthday experience by Garry Ashwood, 16 March 2019 Room decent, housekeeper amazing, cleanliness great, food as always 'as expected' - adequate but plenty of choice. Overall and in short its a good hotel in a good location. No complaints and no wows. Its worth its 3 stars and chargers the going comparable rate to other hotels. Personally because of the tv program it was good for me as im a 't.v benidorm programme addict' but if you remove my personal attraction - yeah its ok.
by Garry Ashwood, 28 January 2020
Marlyn Chambers
Totally crap hotel by Marlyn Chambers, 31 December 2018 Its totally crap hotel only good thing is there swimming pools.food is awful.
by Marlyn Chambers, 28 January 2020
Shani Mclaughlin
Nightmare of a hotel by Shani Mclaughlin, 30 December 2018 Well where do I start Sol Pelicanos is living of the the TV series over priced for what it is. Rooms OK ish bed's nightmare really uncomfortable walls paper-thin Food disgusting if u like fish then ur OK. Now for the best part of the this review I was literally accused of not paying for our drinks was show up by the manager in front of everyone in the bar area then took into to a room on my own to be told I was not disabled and then was told to keep my mouth shut. Had proof I had paid for our tea's coffee and couple of alcoholic drinks was told if I said anything to jet 2 we would have to leave the hotel so jet2 was called that day they sorted it out and thx God we only had one day left the only good part of this hotel is the pool and that was freezing. Would never go there ever again Sol Pelicanos u need to sort your self out treating ppl like u treated me is wrong on any level and no before anyone says I deserved it because of alcohol sorry but I don't and can't drink alcohol. If u are not all-inclusive then u get treat like Rubbish
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by Shani Mclaughlin, 28 January 2020
Sophie Williams
Brilliant hotel by Sophie Williams, 4 December 2018 We stopped here in November for 7 nights food was brill,staff was so friendly and hotel was clean and cosy would defornatly stop here again my first holiday abroad and it was amazing
by Sophie Williams, 28 January 2020
Denise Gough-Wesson
One Tip by Denise Gough-Wesson, 25 October 2018 One tip if you AL upgrade to gold to get branded drinks the AL drinks are rank
by Denise Gough-Wesson, 28 January 2020
Ben Simpson
review by Ben Simpson, 2 August 2018 there a nightmare..in april they tried to put me in the Ocas..told me its a family room..i stayed put and insisted on a room with a balcony..it was right over the kitchens..stunk of frying food..complained again and was moved to pelicanos lagoon pool side..they constantly try it on..insist on getting what you pay for..reception staff were rude..however when i posted the smelly room pics on their fb site..the manager was bang on it
by Ben Simpson, 28 January 2020
Carol Goldie by Admin, 22 March 2018 My pal and I are here at the moment in single rooms at Sol Pelicanos, lovely clean, modern rooms. Dining room a bit too busy and crushed last night, but we sat up the back for breakfast this morning and a lot quieter up that end. Not sure if it's just for AI up that end, which we're not.😁.
Walk in showers, and big flat screen telly on wall.
Lovely comfy bed with duvet, never had a duvet over here before.
Last time I stayed in this hotel was 1984, and I could swear it's the same chairs in bar lounge, dead uncomfortable and low down.
Anyway, lovely hotel, only thing spoiling it is like a generator going all night outside, will need to buy earlugs!! That's on the Ocas side, might be quieter on other side. 😊
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Bobbi Jayne by Admin, 5 February 2018 Just got back from 4 nights in sol pelicanos(well ocas as pelicanos is being done up) and can honestly say I've never stayed in a cleaner hotel and the all inclusive was amazing. Also a 5 min walk to strip and 10 min walk 2 the beach so fab location
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Angela Murray by Admin, 18 January 2018 Its what you make it. I thought it was a good hotel although disappointed we didn’t have a balcony. Food was a bit of a hit and miss. Close to all the entertainment venues. Went for 1st time at New Year and I wouldn’t go back - I’ve tried it but unfortunately it wasn’t for me x
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Izzynjake Jack by Admin, 18 January 2018 I'm just back great hotel very friendly if you like a drink I'd upgrade to A.I, it's not expensive and you get all drinks from 10 till 12 at night and water. The entertainment was good it's a fab hotel x
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Jill Shail
Members Reviews by Jill Shail, 11 December 2017 John Toal July 09 2018
Back in April for two weeks I did the sol pelicanos ocas myself as a first time wheelchair user and found the experience fantastic and all the people there helpful friendly and I am now thinking of October to benidorm myself again. Yes I enjoyed been myself with friends and partners but being myself now is revitalising my born again life. Watch out wheelchair John is coming to get you
Wendy Hinchliffe June 18th 2018
Just got back from a week in sol pelicanos our 4th year stopping in this hotel. I had booked our usual sol room to find we had been put in the Ocas side. I tried to complain cos I prefer pelicanos side but they told me I'd booked wrong room as it says sol room are in Ocas side now. I booked this a year ago and can assure I wouldn't have booked the Ocas side. I checked the website while we were there and there are still sol rooms in pelicanos side!!!!
Really disappointed but the room we had was nice after we changed floors cos at first all we could see was a flat roof over pool.
While we were there we also heard other people complaining that they booked 1 side and were moved to the other.
Just wanted to give everyone heads up when booking this hotel.
Frank Mace 22 March 2018.Just got back to the UK yesterday after a week at the Sol Pelicanos, nice hotel, food great, but the entertainment was lacking, catered more for the Spanish. We ended up going to the Riudor most nights where entertainment was great.
by Jill Shail, 28 January 2020
Review by Jimmy Carry by Admin, 14 October 2017 Just come home after 7 nights in there really nice hotel however I have two criticisms one was the food it was well presented and plenty of it but to many fish choices for my liking and the English dishes weren't up to much my 2nd is about the air con it's little more than useless just a slight trickle of cool air which is lost the second you open your patio doors
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Updates by Admin, 24 September 2017 From 13 November 2017 to 1 March 2018 the area around the pool at the Pelícanos Building (lagoon pool) will be closed for maintenance. The swimming pools at the Ocas Building will be available for all guests. This area is the sunniest and most sheltered at this time of the year, and popular with our regular guests.
- From 8 January to the 1 March the Pelícanos Building will be closed for work to improve the facilities. We will continue to welcome guests at the Ocas Building.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by John Byrne by Admin, 4 September 2017 We (party of 8, 6 adults & 2 young children) went for 10 days at the beginning of July. Really enjoyed it.

Food was great, huge choice of meats, fish, salads, cheeses plus a great variety of desserts. I agree that the snacks around the pool may have not been that varied, but when you're being fed three other meals throughout the day every day, is that such a great drama? I'm guessing the choice of snacks, toasties, burgers, chips, hot dogs, chicken are chosen due to the demand of the British.

Our rooms were cleaned every day. Staff were polite and courteous, especially reception staff upon check in and departure. Hotel was always spotless. The one and only gripe I'd have is that the swim up bar is exclusively for platinum A/I customers and as there wasn't many of these when were there, it was always virtually dead, yet we always sunbathed at that end of the pool so each time we wanted a drink/snack it was a bit of a trek to the other bar area when there was a perfectly good one right next to us with a barman serving nobody. But that was my only issue.

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay there as did the other 7 in our party. I'd happily stay there again.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Karen Mee by Admin, 4 September 2017 I went in august and it was alright the food was alright too didn't have a problem with the staff although the entertainment was mostly in Spanish but it was the Spanish holidays after all. I and my little boy loved the pool some of the rooms do need updating but hey after all u mostly use it to sleep the only really bugbear was the lifts and some of the people who were staying there were rude both Spanish AND British. My room was cleaned every day.

Remember that those who work in hotels work bloody hard we all have bad days the bar staff and restaurant staff were always very busy. Ive worked in restaurants before and its hard work and there are some people who are downright rude but you have to put a brave smile on maybe if they got rid of the gold inclusive you wouldn't complain about the quality of the drinks or you could just get self catering and eat out etc there is good and bad about hotel accommodation whether its abroad or at home we just have to take pot luck when booking our holidays.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Darren Briggs by Admin, 22 July 2017 Here last 10 days going home in the morning main pool opens 9am not to big a queue but a man goes round and puts tickets on beds if your not there and then you have 1 hour to return or he moves your stuff. You are not allowed any inflatables or balls in pool. Entertainment is the worst i have seen everything in Spanish had to go out every night.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Kerry Unsworth by Admin, 12 July 2017 I have just come back on Sunday I stayed for 2 weeks the room was lovely and the pool the breakfast was good and dinner ok they were queuing up for sunbeds at 830 though one day we couldn't find any and it was only 10 am there were also a lot with towels on reserved but they were removed after a hour by security which is good ! Its a lovely hotel though and in a good position but does get very busy at meal times we found it hard to get a table sometimes you will have a great time though.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Shelly Jones by Admin, 12 July 2017 I love it there - been twice and going again in October. Love the pool, rooms, location, staff and breakfast. Evening meal ok, but although we go half board we eat out quite a bit also. I get bored with buffet style meals every day, which is why we'd never go all inclusive!
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Reviews taken from our forum by Admin, 12 July 2017 Wendy March - October 2015, Just arrived home from 10 days at the Sol Pelicanos Absolutely enjoyed every minute staff couldn't do enough to help you very very friendly hotel Spotless cleaning around you all day long even around the pool
Kids entertainment was Great Lucas was Crazy
Never heard off any trouble or seen anything like I've read on here about the hotel
5 stars from me and all the Family
Excellent ?
The Wiz - May 2016
Stayed 3 times with 2 more bookings on the go for November 2016 and April 2017 (Always all inclusive) so you can realise how good I think it is.
Extremely clean, no problems with room (can't understand why people say it needs a refurb) and cleaned everyday, nice size TV and air conditioned.
Staff very friendly and helpful.
Good selection of food on offer , nicely cooked, and you should be able to have a different meal each day as the menu is varied on a daily basis.
Did'nt have kids with me but there is a kids club during the day and a kids disco from about 8pm to 9pm.
Entertainment is very professional although can get repetitive (Mamma Mia twice a week).
Pools are probably the best in Benidorm
Table tennis, exercise bikes and other things available.
Now has free wi-fi..
Suitable for families and couples but maybe not for stags and hens.
Being totally honest I can't fault the place.
Julie Louise Amos - July 2016
Just recently back from here,I would highly recommend this hotel ,central ,very very clean ,always cleaning even mopping continuously around the pool,we stayed 1/2 board good choice of breakfast & evening meals with live cooking stations ,can't comment on entertainment as we don't have young kids & went out every night but looked very family orientated.
Carol Hayton, September 2016 - Stayed in the sol pelicanos last week couldn't fault the hotel at all food great entertainment great + my 4 year old granddaughters words were she had the best holiday ever x
Joan Onions - October 2016
Hello am at Pelicanos going home tomorrow. Right no kettles in room so buy your own, hair dryers in bathroom so no need for mine, food well plenty for everyone I thought breakfast was the best but that's my opinion lovely hotel staff lovely especially entertainment around the pool plenty of sun beds.
Linda Sneddon, October 2016 - I just had 2 weeks holiday there. Was brilliant lovely hotel I was in the ocas.....I went all inclusive and defo can't fault the place but I got fed up with the food. Don't get me wrong there was plenty to choose from. If your going with kids there not allowed any inflatables in big pools.
David Smith, October 2016
Back from another week at the sol pelicanos. Had room in the main building. Sadly was a basic room which had not been done up but was spotlessly clean and cleaned everyday. Staff were great, food was good. Steak every day I think but could be a little tough. For me the pool area makes this hotel, I just love it. Well work getting a Meliá rewards card too. I got £100 off my weeks holiday this time. Plenty of things going on round pool during the day. Happy hour 5 till 6. Drinks a bit on the expensive side I think but a little shop just outside very reasonable. Get yourself a can of whatever from there to drink by the pool ?
Brian Lawrie, January 2017 - Thought it was ok , above average , food was fine , nothing spectacular, rooms nice , clean hotel with a cracking pool , in a great location , but not as good as the hype caused by the TV show , stayed in worse and stayed in better , if you get a good deal I'd go for it , but don't pay over the odds.
Nicola Mills, January 2017 - We came home from there on Thursday. We liked it was clean and the staff were lovely. Wasn't fussed on the food though but it's cheap as chips to eat and drink out. Would Defo stay there again
Fab location to bars.
iFi Ní Chaisil - We stayed in January this year hotel is a bit dated but clean, pool area is gorgeous , food was delicious , but the entertainment was crap . We went out every night after dinner even though we were all inclusive . But really handy for the beach and main strip.
Mick Giles March 2017 - the hotel is ok,the pools are great,the location to the bars and clubs is spot on and its next door to the indoor market.the menu always had something we could eat.its like anything,one persons drink is another persons poison.someone will always moan,some people just like to hear themselves lol. thats the same in every hotel.
Joanne Burton - We have stayed in Peliconas three times now, all inclusive. I'm not keen on the food at all, in the restaurant, though I liked the food at the pool snack bar. I always ended up, eating later on at night out of takeaways, because I was hungry. My hubby would eat anything so he was happy enough. We there again in just over a fortnight, but going bed, and breakfast only, then I can just eat out where I like the food.
Sarah Taylor - It was my first time at this hotel at Easter half term. Took my kids aged 6/9/11. None of them can swim but they loved the small round children's pool. Water was freezing but it didn't stop them. We was all inclusive so the children loved the unlimited drinks, slush and ice creams. They was always on the park as well. We stayed in the orcas, was not a good view as it was of the indoor market. No balcony but it didn't bother us.
Rooms are good, big and comfy beds. Large wardrobe. Food is lovely but can get repetitive.
FiFi Ní Chaisil - We stayed there in January lovely hotel food was gorgeous and rooms were spotless . Very handy for the main part . X
Steven Paul - we just stayed there and enjoyed it...although be aware some rooms have no balcony and a poor view
George Arathoon Snr - We were there last week. Was bed and breakfast . Only had one brekkie there which was terrible. Lovely hotel, nice coffee,great pool area, staff good too . Brekkie crap ! Try the clipper cafe by kfc by beach, €4.00 excellent ?️? ENJOY
Linda Sneddon - I was in the Ocas side which had fridges in rooms. You can buy a beach towels for about 4 euros in one of the wee shops. Don't think the hotel provides them
Donna Homer - We went at Easter to the pelicanos side no fridge
They cost €5 a day to hire but can upgrade room for €6 (if any available and they had fridges)
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Nick At MG-Racing by Admin, 9 July 2017 I have stayed there a number of times, good room, clean tidy and I haven't had any security issues... Best pool in Benidorm but sometimes part of it is closed when they are filming the TV series. Location wise it's over the road from Morgan Bar and a short walk to the strip, but also just far enough away not to be kept up at night if you don't want a late one.. Good if you have kids but also OK if your an adult.
by Admin, 28 January 2020
Review by Colin Mcvey-Withe by Admin, 9 July 2017 To be honest it depends what part of the hotel you get put in, If you have booked it because of Benidorm TV program you want to be in the reception side where the pool and entertainment hall is, but if you get put in the other side the rooms are nicer as they have just been refurbished but you have a little walk to the pool and also back after a few drinks in the evening x

Apart from that's it's a great hotel and would book again , food good, staff great
by Admin, 28 January 2020