Valencian Community to offer tourist vouchers up to €600

Valencian Community to offer tourist vouchers up to €600 

20th October - How and when to order the 'Viatgem Tourist Bonus' to travel with up to 70% bonus

The 'Tourist Voucher Viatgem' of the Generalitat, intended to incentivize the demand for tourist services in the Valencian Community in periods of seasonality in the face of the negative socio-economic effects caused by the covid-19,can be requested from this Tuesday, October 20. These bonds will cover tourist products contracted by residents in autonomy on their travel within the Community, subsidising up to 70% of the total price and for a maximum amount of EUR 600.

But how do you apply for the 'Viatgem Tourist Bonus'? Interested persons, who are in any municipality of the Valencian Community, can ask for the aid telematically from 12.00 hours on this Tuesday, October 20th. Registration to receive this assistance must be made through the Bono Viaje CV platform ,which can be accessed by clicking HERE and it will generate a code to exchange it in tourist establishments or travel agencies within seven days.

Valencian Tourist vouchers

The user can choose to benefit from a bonus in the companies affiliated to the Initiative of the Consell, which will allow savings of up to 600 euros in any of the partner accommodation in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. To do this, the platform asks the interested party to identify himself with an email and password to access the advantages of the 'Viatgem Tourist Bonus'.

IMPORTANT: Only one request can be made per person per period.

In the tool developed by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana you can also find a list of more than 250 companies and travel agencies attached to the program and, from there. a link will be enabled to book the trip or the stay chosen by the interested party.

Enrollment is not the application for help; to request it, a reservation must be formalized in tourist accommodation establishments or travel agency attached within 7 calendar days of the referral of the corresponding communication by Turisme and, if the reservation is not formalized within the indicated period, the registration will be cancelled, as specified by Vice-President Monica Oltra.

Travel periods and minimum stay

Periods with the lowest tourist demand, where the travel voucher may be used, are from 20 October to 31 December 2020, from 1 January to 24 March 2021, and from 13 October to 31 December 2021, as decreed by the Vice-President of the Consell, Monica Oltra, last Friday following the weekly meeting of the Valencian Government.

The bonoviaje allows you to move around the Valencian Community and stay from two nights at the property with a maximum grant of 600 euros or up to 70% of the cost. Click here for a list of registered companies taking part

8th October  

This scheme had now been extended until  until December 2021 during the low-seasons - The first begins on October 20th and ends on December 31, 2020. The second will be operational between January 1st and March 24th, 2021, before the Easter period. The third will run from 13th October to 31st December next year.

The proposed method consists of the registration of the user, adults registered in the Valencian Community, in the program, by telematics. Once with a personal code, the tourist can go to a tourist accommodation or a travel agency, where they will process the whole process. The bonus requires that at least two nights be contracted in an affiliated establishment and will include tour packages, and all the services of the chosen accommodation.

This project also states that users are to stay on a half-board basis for a minimum of 2 nights in an affiliated establishment and will include tour packages, and all the services of the chosen accommodation.

With domestic tourism, the Generalitat also aims to alleviate the impact of this plummeting fall in traditional markets

More details to follow as and when they become available.

Valencian community vouchers, map

22nd September - The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig , announced in the Debate on General Policy on Monday (21st September 2020) the launch of a tourist voucher for those registered in the Valencian Community. Specifically, there will be up to 70% discounts (and that can reach 600 euros) both in tourist accommodation and in services of associated travel agencies, yet to be specified.

Puig's proposal is part of an injection of almost 200 million euros to sell the Valencian Community as a safe tourist destination. It also implies imitating the measures that other European countries have put in place , such as Italy or the United Kingdom, where the Government is offering vouchers for consuming in restaurants.

The generalized quarantine situation to Spain from its main tourist suppliers, such as the United Kingdom, has caused a plummet in the outlook for the off-season , since the British market and subsidized travel for the elderly (Imserso) are the main factors of seasonal adjustment of cities like Benidorm.

The scheme will be rolled out from mid October and will be available to anyone registered in the Valencian community

The Community's own client is also the region's main national tourists, so this measure seems to seek to stimulate demand during short periods such as long weekends or weekends. Precisely this Sunday the general director of Destinia, Ricardo Fernández, requested  that the central executive launch some type of measure of this type to be able to keep part of the businesses open: "It is not about spending But rather to invest in a healthy and rapid recovery that brings wealth to the country as a whole. "

Original story translated from Spanish.  You can read the Spanish version HERE


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