Vehicle access to be restricted to the Cross

Vehicle access to be restricted to the Cross

Farewell to traffic on the way up to the Cross.  Vehicle access is to be restricted to the Cross, La Cruz, instead the City Council will enable car parking and restrict traffic to encourage pedestrian use.

Benidorm City Council plans to restrict road traffic on the uphill road to the highest point of the city the famous cross (la Cruz).  The plan is to install an access control system that only allows residents to enter their houses located on the mountain. 

This has been advanced by the Councillor of Mobility, José Ramón González de Zárate, who has indicated that the project is also accompanied by the creation of two car parks on municipal land in the area: one next to the first roundabout in Beijing Street with capacity for about 48 cars and another about 300 meters from the arrival at the Cross for around a dozen vehicles.

Vehicle access to be restricted to the Cross

This measure is a project that the Benidorm City Council has been considering for years for two purposes.  To promote the pedestrian use of the route to the Cross, as is already the case with the one that runs to punta del Cavall and the Tower of Les Caletes. and to help keep the area clean, because the possibility of accessing by car practically to the foot of the Cross, has made this enclave a continuous scene of vandalism, and there are even people who go up with takeaways leaving all their rubbish in the area which is part of the Sierra Helada/Gelada natural park.

The  Councillor of Mobility indicated that, thanks to the installation of similar access control systems that  are already operating elsewhere in the city, "if any citizen or tourist needs to access the Cross by car, permission may be requested in advance through Visit Benidorm or the Council of Mobility and will be authorized on a case-by-case basis'.

Find more information about the Cross, including walking routes and its history HERE

Once pedestrianized access to the Cross, the next space where the Town Hall intends to restrict road traffic before the end of the year is the Roman site of the Tossal de La Cala.

Please note this article has been translated from Spanish to English so some detail may be lost in this translation.  Read the original article in Spanish here at Diarioinformacion

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