Welcome to the VIP Lounge from Benidorm Seriously.

Brief Introduction

The VIP lounge is intended for Serious members with a genuine interest in helping other members improve their experience of Benidorm.  We are creating the lounge to simulate Facebook to make it easier to understand.  However we will remove the restrictions of Facebook.

This is the current list of plans which hopefully we can bring to fruition.

  • To create a news feed similar to Facebook to keep the structure familiar.
  • In answer to (I am sick of seeing...) and (I miss the intimacy of the old days when there were not so many members) You will have more control over what you see (or don´t see) on the News Feed.  
  • (I cannot find xyz)  You will no longer need to scroll to find what topics are being discussed.  There will be a clearly visible table showing what topics are actively being discussed and debated allowing you to choose to join on or ignore.   On a desktop you may already see on the right of the screen items appearing showing Recent posts and recent comments.  This may be a the foot of the screen on small screen devices.  This is an example of what we are working on.
  • You will have the option to post to the VIP Lounge, Facebook or both at the same time
  • Pre approved posts and comments are to be a thing of the past.  We will have a clearer picture of which members really know Benidorm and which do not.  We will allow members to accumulate the ability to post and comment without restriction.
  • No more closed posts.  Stick to the rules and be polite to fellow members and there is no need to close posts
  • Members profiles will show a "rank" status that clearly demonstrates that members level of knowledge about the area.  In that way you will know when you are being given advice that is likely to be accurate, or when someone may be guessing an answer.
  • Helpful members are to be rewarded for their assistance to other members.  This will be in the form of accumulating points, which may be redeemed against shop products to earn free airport transfers or entrance tickets etc.  Members reviews are vital to help us provide information.  Early sign up members who have already left reviews on the website will receive immediate reward point in advance from launch, so no need to wait.  The more thorough the review the more points you can accumulate.    There are other travel sites with reviews that are grossly inaccurate.  This was one of the main reasons we started the Website.  We take measures to prevent negative reviews from competitors.
  • We intend to arrange special offers for VIP members that will not be available on the Facebook Group
  • Once launched the Admin team will prioritise questions and requests in the VIP lounge before attending to the Facebook group.
  • You will be able to find knowledgeable members (not just admin) willing to help you at any time.  The members directory will show you who is on line at any one time.  Like Facebook you will have the ability to customise your profile while will also display your rank.  The Directory currently shows those members who have already signed up.  To join all you need to do is register on the site.  In fact if you select register with Facebook, Facebook will complete the registration form for you.  Thats it!

Is this the beginning of the end for the Facebook Group?

No, not at all.  The Facebook Group and the Facebook pages will continue to run.  There is no obligation to join the VIP lounge to make use of the services of Benidorm Seriously.

Then why the VIP Lounge?

The admin team have always believed we can offer a much higher level of service without the restrictions of Facebook, and with the help of those members who actually care about their fellow members we want to offer that service.  Hence the priority service and the reward scheme.  We will also have the facility to send special offers and news letters by email to those who want to receive them direct to their inbox.

Note we have 130.000 members in the Facebook group.  However the Web site is now receiving a quarter of a million visits each month.  Your comments and posts on Facebook disappear within hours.  Information on the web site stays indefinitely.  It will only be removed if the information becomes out of date.  Feel free to register if you want to be included right from the start.

More features may be added over time, such as membership cards offering local discounts.  We are always open to members suggestions for new ideas.




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Great idea x

Lorraine Sneddon
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